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Best Dog Clipper for Goldendoodles [2021]

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Living with your pet dog is filled with fun and excitement. However, at the same time, there come times when you get incredibly irritated; that is when you have to shave off your dog’s fur. In case your dog has a hard coat over its body, cutting off the hair gets even more excruciating.

You either have to spend a lot of money finding the right person who can do that, or spend a lot of time doing it yourself. This is especially hard in summers when your dog would get extremely irritated of the fur it has on its body. This would want you to efficiently cut off its fur whenever it gets grown to a certain level.

If you love your Goldendoodle, you would want it to look good all the time. During the summer season, it gets challenging as dogs grow their fur quite fast. Along with this, they get irritated by it as the extra hair makes them feel hot and irritated.

Thus, you need to keep a clipper handy in order to make sure your beloved pet always looks neat and pretty. Finding the right kind of clipper can be tough; following are the best five ones that can help you out.

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Top 5 Best Dog Clipper for Golden doodles

Before you decide which clipper to buy, keep in mind the following points.

  1. The battery of your clipper should be rechargeable.
  2. It should be in such a way that the hair won’t clog inside.
  3. The clipper should be small in size to reduce the chances of hand strain.
  4. The blades should be safe and sharp.
  5. The clipper should have blades of varied sizes to bring variation in the styling.

1. Oneisall Dog Shaver Clippers

One of the best dog clippers that you can get your hands on is the Oneisall Dog Shaver Clippers. Some of the significant reasons that make it the best possible option are as follows:

Long-running battery:

A long-running battery that stays intact no longer how much you use it sets this clipper apart from the other available options. The battery is built in and comes with a lot of adjustments.

You can keep its flexibility for a very long period of time. No matter how thick the fur of your Goldendoodle is, and how much it takes for you to remove all of it, the clipper won’t stop working along the way.

A silent option:

Most of the times, the noise coming out of the clipper is that one thing that irritates people a lot. As a result, this makes the process of fur removal much more difficult as the pet faces annoyance and wants to leave. This clipper comes with the facility of being noiseless, which makes the entire fur removing process more accessible and more convenient.

Low-level vibration:

Just like low noise, the vibration of the clipper is also quite low. This means that low-level vibration doesn’t scare the pet away, and he doesn’t throw tantrums at the groomers.

High safety level:

The health of your pet is what you would be concerned about the most. With the help of this clipper, it gets possible for you to avoid any kind of cut appearing on the skin of your dog’s body. It is thus a safer option and should be opted by to protect your pet from bruises and cuts.

Different kinds of combs:

The Oneisall Dog Shaver Clippers come with four different guard combs. They are different in their sizes, and thus you can adjust the clipping and the combs according to the length of your dog’s fur. All in all, the usage of these combs is quite easy, and you can adjust them and bring versatility in your dog’s looks.

2. Wahl Professional Animal ARCO Cordless Dog and Pet Clipper Kit

Another amazing option available to the Goldendoodle owners is that of the clipper made by Wahl Professionals.

Available in different colors, this product is quite an eye-catcher, and makes people want to buy it on the first glance. Some of its most desirable features are as follows:

Different sizes of blades:

This item comes with five modules, with each blade having a different size. Thus, it gives the user the freedom to bring a variety of usage.

The rechargeable battery is a plus:

The best part about having this clipper is the fact that you won’t have to keep replacing its battery again and again. The battery is rechargeable and once fully charged; you will be able to use it for long periods of time.

The size of your dog doesn’t matter:

No matter you have a small dog or a medium sized one, you would be able to use this clipper to shave off its fur quite easily.

Easy to use:

Being quite light in weight, and having dimensions easier to handle, this clipper doesn’t cause any strain on your wrist, and you can use it comfortably for long durations.

3. Andis ProClip AGC2 2-Speed Detachable Blade Clipper

Quite a durable option, you can groom your dog using this conveniently. The most amazing features that it possess include:

Perfect voltage:

People who are afraid of automatically running clippers, this one is just for your convenience. The Andis ProClip works at 120 Volts making the process easier both for the pet as well as the pet owner.

Easily detachable blade:

You can detach the blade of the clipper from it. Thus, it becomes easier for the user to clean it once a lot of fur gets stuck to it.

Variable speed options:

Another fantastic feature that this clipper comes with is the option of changing the speed of the motor. According to the requirement, you can run the blade faster or slower instantly.

4. Oster Golden A5 Two-Speed Animal Grooming Clippers

Certain features that set the Oster Golden clipper apart from others are as follows:

Extreme versatility:

If you love to give your dog varied kinds of styles and looks, this clipper makes it possible for you to make it possible. With the help of a two-speed switch, you can bring variations to the styling.

Detachable blades:

Once you have cleaned your Goldendoodle’s fur, it gets imperative for you to clean the edge as well. As you can easily remove them, you can clean them whenever it is needed.

Long lasting and unbreakable:

The blades of this clipper are quite durable. No matter how long do you use them for, they will remain unbreakable.

5. Wahl Professional Animal KM10 2-Speed Brushless Motor Pet Clipper Kit

The clipper by Wahl professional provides an amazing clipper, and some of its best features are as follows:

You can use it on various animals:

Contrary to its alternatives, you can use this clipper on the skin of several animals including; cats, dogs as well as horses. Thus, if you own varied kinds of pets, this clipper will serve you well.

Easy speed control:

Another amazing feature of this clipper is its ability to work at different speeds. With the help of the speed controlling feature, you can easily change the speed of the clipper from 3000 to 3700 strokes per minute. Moreover, you can bring variation in your styling.

Reduced the chances of hair clogging:

If your pet has long hair, there are chances of them clogging in the clipper. However, as this particular clipper has round frontal housing, the clogging can easily be avoided.

Popular types of Goldendoodle haircuts

A Goldendoodle is undoubtedly one of the most adorable pets to have. If you have had the chance of petting a Goldendoodle once, you would not want to go for any other breed ever.

As the name specifies, the dog is golden in color and is quite furry. The golden fur of it, at times, annoys the pet owner owing to the hair falling all over the house. The cleaning process is quite sturdy, and one gets annoyed of sweeping the fallen hair all the time.

However, this is not comparable to the joy you get whenever you see your little pet moving around your legs in comfort or trying various tactics to cheer you up whenever you feel sad or gloomy.

In order to get the best pleasure out of having a Goldendoodle as a pet, it is necessary to style its fur/hair in such a way that its grown hair won’t appear untidy or ugly.

Kennel haircut


If you are a very neat and clean person, you would want your puppy to also look exceptionally groomed and clean at all times. In such a situation, the kind of cut needed for your dog should be short and sleek.

The kennel haircut is what you would want to go for. This cut is quite popular amongst the pet owners who are sick of the pet hair falling everywhere in the house.

Being a short style, it is easy to carry for your dog. Along with this, during the summer season, your dog won’t feel irritated of the dense hair on the body.

The kennel cut saves you a lot of time as it doesn’t require brushing. As the hair is already short, brushing it too often is not needed. Along with this, giving a bath to the puppy gets more comfortable, and you can do that in a concise period of time.

Lion cut

The looks of a Goldendoodle somewhat resemble with that of a lion. Getting your pet a lion cut will give it the looks of a lion. In this cut, the body hair of the pet is cut really short, while the face and chest get good lengths of the hair.

This makes the dog look like a lion. Along with this, it saves you from the trouble of having to get the hair cut time and again as the hair at the back will grow after taking a lot of time.

Poodle cut

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Now, this cut is quite popular amongst the pet owners. By the looks of it, the poodle cut makes the dog appear exactly opposite compared to what it looks after getting the lion cut.

It has short hair at the head and chest, while the rest of the body has long hair. Though this cut will require you to get the pet to the barber time and again for recut, the pet will, however, look incredibly adorable in it.

Getting the right cut for your pet is necessary. It adds to the beauty of your Goldendoodle and makes it appear neat and tidy. Before deciding on the right cut to give your dog, keep in mind the final appearance that it might have post cut.


Taking your Goldendoodle outside repeatedly to the groomer is quite annoying. Having a clipper handy would reduce this annoyance to a great deal, and would also save a lot of money for you.

With minimal price money, you can become the owner of your clipper, and can give varied kinds of trims to your dog every month.