Pet First Aid, CPR and Pet Safety

If your dog cut his paw on a hike, would you know how to stop the bleeding? If your cat started choking, would you know what to do? We love our pets. We want to protect them from harm, but when a pet emergency strikes, every minute counts.

Here is your chance to truly be your pet’s best friend. Sign up for the pet first aid, CPR, safety and wellness class today. These comprehensive, hands-on classes are taught by Arden Moore, founder of Four Legged Life. Arden is a nationally recognized Certified Master Pet First Aid/CPR Instructor and cat and dog behavior expert. 

Why Attend a Pet First Aid/CPR and Safety Class?

Love your pet? Of course you do! Consider this statistic: according to the American Animal Hospital Association, one out of four pets would survive if just one pet first aid technique was applied prior to getting emergency veterinary care.  The time is now for you to arm yourself with knowledge and know how to act in a pet emergency. Pet First Aid 4U’s program has been reviewed and highly approved by leading veterinarians, including “America’s Veterinarian” Dr Marty Becker, and renowned feline medicine veterinarian Dr. Arnold Plotnick.  

Be your pet’s best health ally and learn what to do –and what NOT to do – in a pet emergency when minutes count. Learn how to reduce your pet’s risk for injury and illness. We strongly believe that you need and deserve real (and lovable) trained pets in class to hone your pet first aid skills. Demo stuffed dogs are helpful, but nothing beats interacting with a REAL dog and cat. That’s why the Pet First Aid 4U program features Pet Safety Cat Casey and Pet Safety Dog Kona.

Who Is the Instructor?
Teaching this veterinarian-approved, hands-on class is Master Certified Instructor Arden Moore – The Pet Health and Safety Coach.  See “Meet Arden Moore” below for more information.

Saturday, June 16th from 10am to 3:15pm (includes a 40-minute lunch break. Bring your own lunch, or go to a nearby fast-food restaurant. We will provide bottled water and light refreshments.) Please arrive 5 to 10 min early as we start on time.

What Will We Learn?
In this nationally recognized hands-on training class, Instructor Arden Moore will teach you a variety of skills that can be used to stabilize a pet during an emergency. You will learn Pet CPR, rescue breathing, first aid, restraining and muzzling, choking management, fractures/bleeding protocols, care for heatstroke, frostbite, poisoning, seizures, shock and more. You will perform nose-to-tail wellness and injury assessments.

Each student will have their own demo dog and first aid supplies to use during class. Upon completion, you will receive a Pet First Aid/CPR and Safety Course Book and Pet First Aid Certificate (valid for 2 years). Learn more at

Class Tuition:
$100 (includes course materials, training, 2-year certificate plus light refreshments). You must register in advance to secure a spot. Class is limited to 12 students.

Pet First Aid/CPR Instructor and Founder of Pet First Aid 4U

Arden Moore, America’s Pet Health and Safety Coach, happily wears many “collars” in the pet world:

  • Cat and dog behavior consultant
  • Professional speaker
  • Media and pet product consultant
  • Radio show host
  • Best-selling author of 24 dog and cat books

And she knows how to play it safe — with pets. As a Master Certified Pet First Aid, CPR and Safety Instructor, Arden teaches hands-on, classes reviewed and approved by some of the nation’s top veterinarians! Arden often with her four-legged dog-cat team of Kona and Casey.

Each week, Arden hosts the OH BEHAVE! show on Pet Life Radio — the No. 1 pet radio network on the planet.