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How to Stop Dog Shedding Home Remedy

How to Stop Dog Shedding Home Remedy

We all love our fur-babies, but a primary concern for dog-parents is the presence of hairballs all over the house. These can be found almost everywhere from your favorite blanket to the living room sofa.

You can even notice your dog’s hair stuck on your favorite sweatshirt after a cuddling session; this gets even worse when the season changes.

We all want our pups to have healthy fur that feels soft to touch. So here are seven home remedies that you can use to improve your dog’s coat health:

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Regular Brushing

Brushing is the most straightforward technique to reduce shedding. You might find it annoying at times to brush your pooch daily, but it is indeed the quickest remedy. It is also essential to choose the right type of brush according to your pup’s coat. There are various types available in the market such as:

Slicker Brushes:

These brushes have rows of wire bristles and are mainly used to remove hair tangles. They are most suitable for dogs with medium to long coats such as the Bearded Collie.

Wire-pin Brushes:

The bristle tips have rubber or plastic coated on them, they are ideal for dogs with longer coats such as the Long-haired German Shepherd.

Bristle Brushes:

These are the most common type of brushes that are suitable for all coats. They come in large varieties according to the space between the bristles.

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Bathing is important

You should bathe your pooch once a week in summers; use a type of shampoo that doesn’t strip your dog’s coat of the natural oils as that can increase shedding.

Bathing also helps you identify if there are any allergies or dry patches that might irritate your dog’s skin. Use products that contain Tea tree oil, Oatmeal or Aloe Vera, you can also ask the vet to suggest you the best anti-shedding shampoo.

Preventing fleas and ticks

Fleas cause scratching and irritation which promotes shedding. It is critical to avoid manifestations of these insects and to keep your pup clean. You can use flea control products prescribed by your vet. A flea comb can also aid in removing the fleas and eggs.

Essential oils can be used to repel these insects. You can use a drop of Lavender or Eucalyptus oil to make a spray for protection against fleas.

Feeding raw apple cider vinegar might also help; you can add two teaspoons of the vinegar in your dog’s drinking water. Make sure your dog gets plenty of probiotics, vitamins, and the essential fatty acids to help prevent flea attacks.

Focus on nutrition

If your pooch gets the required nutrients through his diet, his shedding can reduce massively. Omega 3 fatty acids improve coat health thereby minimizing the shedding.

Fish oil, coconut, flaxseed and olive oil are foods rich in omega 3, so you should incorporate these into your dog’s diet. You can drizzle a little oil over his meal or sprinkle coconut, chia seeds and almonds are also beneficial.

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If you prefer buying commercial dog food, then do extensive research, buy foods that contain natural ingredients and are full of nutritional goodness.

Adding Supplements:

If you think your dog isn’t getting sufficient amount of omega 3 acids, you can add fish-oil supplements to his diet. These can help keep the coat healthy, however, consult your vet before adding any medication to your dog’s food.

Groom your pooch

It gets easier for ticks and fleas to survive in long coats so get your dog’s hair trimmed short. You can shave the hair yourself by using hand-held clippers, but it is always better to get it done by a professional.

Choosing the right wardrobe

Clothing can help reduce shedding by covering all of your dog’s hair and preventing lose fur from falling on any of the surfaces of your house.

Make sure the clothes you choose are comfortable and don’t hinder his motion. Your dog might not like wearing a jumpsuit initially so gradually get him used to it.

You can follow these tips to reduce your dog’s shedding however if you feel like the hair loss is getting excessive go to the vet immediately. Also keep your home clean, vacuum regularly and use a lint roller on your clothes to prevent looking as fury as a dog.