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Best Dog Clippers for Matted hair [2020]

Best Dog Clippers for Matted hair [2020]

Mat hairs are the worst thing that can happen to your pet dog. It is a very common problem of pet dogs and once started can snowball into something big and dangerous if not corrected right there.

Not only it looks ugly but is extremely uncomfortable for your dog, and if not treated, can cause some serious infection. The best way to avoid is regular grooming and taking care of the basic hygiene of your dog.

Let’s have a look at some of the best clippers that can make your job easy.

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Top 5 Dog Clippers for Thick Matted Hair

Andis ProClip AGC2

Andis’ ProClip is a professional grooming clip that is excellent for fur with mats, knots, and tangles. The clip has a two-speed setting that makes it perfect for a complete grooming session. It works quietly on your pet’s body without making him anxious or uncomfortable.

Its cool running design eliminates any fans and vents that can become clogged with the hair. It has a locking switch to ensure the clipper will not automatically shut off.

The clipper comes with detachable blades. It is compatible with all sorts of blades like ceramic, ultra-edge, or Show-edge blades. The clipper comes with UltraEdge size 10 blade that is perfect for grooming mat hairs.

You can choose the size or type of blade according to the coat of your dog or his breed. It’s a perfect clipper with long lasting durability.

Oster A5 Pet Clippers

Oster’s A5 is a professional clipper for a fast and easy grooming session. It features a heavy duty universal motor that won’t be bogged down with time. It offers a two-speed function for tackling any kind of coat or mat.

Oster A5 ‘s blades are machined and cryogenically treated to enhance the hardening process for extended durability and long-lasting performance.

The clipper comes with a detachable #10 blade that is capable of dealing with any kind of fur or mat. Still, you can change it with a different number of blade depending on the breed of your pet.

It’s a great solution for regular grooming sessions at home with a professional touch.

Wahl Clipper Pet-Pro Dog Grooming Kit

This Wahl’s clippers comes with a complete package to help you groom your pet comfortably at home. Its high-quality stainless steel blades stay sharp longer and have superior blade geometry to protect your pet from pulls and cuts.

Its ergonomic design gives a perfect grip. The complete kit includes a comb, scissors, and comb guides to help you give a perfect hairstyle to your pet.

It’s a great option especially if you are looking for a complete kit to groom your furry friend.


Bousnic Dog Clippers

This one is another complete kit to cater your all needs. Bousnic’s clippers are quiet running dog clippers that cut the fur without pulling the skin.

With two speed options, you can work confidently on the coat of your furry baby. Cordless clippers can be charged through a USB cable.

It comes with everything you might need in a grooming session. With four comb guides, you can give a professional haircut to your dog’s long hairs.

Its powerful motor is excellent for any type of mat. You got a scissor, comb, a bathing brush, and a USB cable for charging your device. It’s an affordable option and works great providing the true value of your money.

Sminiker Cordless Dogs Grooming Clippers

Sminiker’s clippers are heavy duty gear for a powerful cut and remove even difficult mat without harming the skin of your pet.

It has titanium acute-angle blade combining with a ceramic movable blade for smooth and efficient cutting of your dog’s fur.

It comes with all kind of accessories for the grooming session of your dog. The kit includes two kinds of scissors for maintaining the hairstyle of your dog.

Its heavy duty motor works noiselessly and produces very low vibration so your dog won’t feel any anxiety or become restless.

Its cordless design is easy to use and charge. Four hours of charging will be sufficient for 70 minutes long grooming session.

Things to consider while choosing a clipper for matted hairs

Clippers are excellent for trimming the fur of your pet. They are easy to use and are speedy enough to save you time.

The choice of right clippers is important especially if you have matted hairs to deal with. Heavy duty clippers are more suitable for the job.

Make sure to choose the one with different speed options so you can slow it down to the more sensitive parts or if the area has thick mats.

Choosing noiseless clippers will not make your pet anxious in a grooming session, and you can easily concentrate on your job.

Heavy duty clippers

For thick and matted fur you will need heavy duty clippers. These are high-quality clippers and works well on mats.

Corded or cordless clippers

Cordless clippers may seem tempting, but those with the batteries generally have less power and may not be suitable for thick matted hairs.

You can choose an electric one, and there are also rechargeable clippers that are easier to work with as you don’t have to deal with a cord. If you are choosing a clipper with battery make sure it has a high-quality battery for durability.

Speed option

Make sure to choose the one with different speed options so you can slow it down to the more sensitive parts or if the area has thick mats.

You might be tempted to choose a high speed, but on areas where matted hairs are close to the skin, you might need to slow it down a bit. So a clipper with speed options will make your job easier.

Noiseless clippers

For shaving your dog with matted hairs, you may need long grooming sessions for carefully separating the skin from mats, and it might feel little uncomfortable for your dog.

So the last thing you want to add is to use a clipper with a loud noise that will upset your dog more and make him anxious. An anxious and uncomfortable dog will make your job difficult.

Choose the clipper with right blades

You need best blades for a thick coat with mats. A number 10 blade will be perfect for this task, but you might need to change it according to the type of your dog’s fur. So removable blades in excellent condition are best for the mat hairs.

Extra blades

Clipping off mats is a time-taking task. The blades can get overheated. With extra blades you can change the existing one with a new one and

Let’s see what mat hairs actually are and how it can affect your dog.

How to shave your dog with matted hairs

Go slowly and follow these steps.

Line Up your Tools

Line up all things beside you on the table that you might need while shaving. You should have the following things.

  • A brush
  • Detangler or cornstarch
  • A deshedder if your dog has a heavy coat.
  • Scissors
  • A clipper
  • Shampoo

Make your dog comfortable

Make your dog comfortable on the grooming table before you. Relax him with pats and reassurances,

Brush the area

Apply a detangler or cornstarch on the matted airs. Rub it gently, so it sits down on the hairs. First, try to remove the mat with a brush. Choose a small section of hairs and work existing mats as far from the skin as possible. For heavy shedders, you should use a deshedder brush.

Use a clipper with a short blade

Use a sturdy clipper with short blade. You can use a #10 blade for matted hairs. Hold the clipper parallel or flat against the skin.

Start with the neck and work your way to the back slowly. Work on small sections and go slowly and gently. Beware going fast can pull the skin where the matted hairs are stuck to the skin.

Work your way down the legs, tail, and to the back of your dog.

You can remove the small knots with the help of a scissor too. Don’t ignore paws. Lift each leg and carefully shave the area using a clipper. Check the clippers frequently for overheating.

After completely shaving the hairs you can bath your dog. Use a soothing shampoo and look for sores or infection. You might need to take your dog to a vet if there are any signs of sores or infections.

Some Tips to Groom your dog with matted hairs

  • Start brushing your dog from a very early age, so he gets accustomed to the brushing.
  • Make the grooming session fun with treats.
  • Mats begin at the base so even if your dog look mat free put the fingers inside the nap to feel any knots.
  • Don’t use human conditioners on your dog’s hair. It may cause allergy.
  • Don’t think any shampoo or conditioner will work like a magic potion to remove the mat out of your pet’s fur. It still needs brushing carefully to remove them.
  • If mats are very thick and attached to the skin, don’t try to cut them on your own. Skin can get caught up in them, and you can injure your pet.
  • Seek professional help when it seems too much for you to handle.
  • If your dog has old mats that have not been treated in a while, take him to a veterinarian for a proper checkup.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are matted hairs?

Matted hair is a painful condition in dogs with thick or long hairs. It can be started with little knots, and tangles and then mat can tangle hairs to the skin causing sores. Hidden under the matted hairs, these sores can get worse and may get infected. The area can be extremely itchy and painful for your dog.

How matted hairs cause some serious problems?

Matted hairs can be a serious problem in a number of ways.

  • Mats are extremely painful. Especially while brushing they can cause healthy hairs to pull the skin.
  • Sever mats can cut blood supply to your dog’s skin.
  • Mats can trap moisture and cause infection.
  • Mats near the anus can trap the feces which can lead to some severe infection.
  • They can give an unpleasant odor to your pet.

What causes matted hairs?

The reasons can vary from as simple as lack of grooming to a more complicated skin problem. Here are a few common reasons.

The long coat and more fur

All dogs can get knots and tangles, but dogs with heavy coat or fur are more at risk of severe matting.

Heavy shedding

Dogs that are heavy shedders are more prone to matted hairs. Poodle, Bichon Frise, Cocker Spaniel are heavy shedders especially dogs like Poodles or Goldendoodles are considered non-shedding dogs; they need help by brushing the hairs regularly with a slicker brush. Shedding can cause dead hairs to tangle, and if not brushed they can cause mat hairs.


Mats occur in the area of friction like under the collar, behind ears, armpits or the area where the legs rub together or come into contact with grass.

Sitting or playing outside

Dogs that sits more and are left-hipped or right hipped are more prone to tangles and knots. They can catch dirt, grass, or dust in their fur; hairs may tangle together to form mats. Same more active dogs that like to play out and have fun in pools and parks can get straws or dirt in their fur.

Skin problems

Dogs who have eczema or dull and flaky skin can get mats too. The dead cells of the skin are trapped with hair causing them to knot together and are difficult to brush out.

Lack of grooming

Dogs with hairs need constant grooming. They need to be brushed, combed, and bathed properly and if neglected can get mats.

How to prevent mats?

Following tips can help you prevent mats.

Groom your dog regularly

There is no second saying to that. Proper grooming is necessary for the hygiene and health of your dog.

Brush the hairs

If you have a furry friend, you need to brush the hairs like once a week, with longer hairs you might need to brush them every day or on alternate days.

When you brush the fur, make sure to work on all areas carefully. Especially the areas that are more prone to tangles or knots like the area that touches the ground while sitting, or behind ears, or armpits.

Bath Your Dog

Bath him once in a week. Be careful to brush the hairs properly, or the mat can get worse with bathing. Apply shampoo and conditioner and after bathing again carefully brush the hairs to remove any tangles that may have formed with rubbing.

Remove the small knots

Nip it in the bud. The moment you find little knot remove it immediately. Don’t just pull it away but use your fingers to gently work the knot away.

Cut the knots

If knots are difficult to detangle, then you can simply cut them before they get messy and bigger.

Clip the fur

Being a pet parent, you should have all the necessary tools for grooming. Clip the fur of your dog regularly.

Keeping a short haircut is a more practical option if you don’t have time to take care of your furry friend. You can shave off the areas that are more prone to get mats completely.

Use a detangler cream or spray

Before your pooch enters a pool or jumps in the river applying detangler cream or spray can prevent the knot from forming and making brushing easier afterward.

Remove the straws or grass after a walk

Check your dog’s fur and remove any straws, grass clipping, or other things from the fur right after a walk.

Choose your tools wisely

You may need special combs, or brushes depending on the fur of your dog. There are special brushes to removes shredded hairs. So choose the right tools and don’t let the mats form in your dog’s coat.

Feed your healthy dog diet with fish oil supplements

A healthy diet can keep your dog’s skin and hairs healthy. Fish oil supplement can save him from skin problems as a lack of fatty acids can lead to skin problems in dogs. You can ask your vet what dosage is recommended for your dog’s breed.

How to remove mats

  • Try to brush the area carefully.
  • Use corn starch to remove the mats. Powder some cornstarch, rub it gently, and simply brush the hairs carefully without pulling your pet’s skin.
  • Work on small sections. Start from the end and work your way up to the skin.
  • Don’t ignore paws. Lift each leg and carefully comb the area or if you are using a clipper trim it well.
  • You can use detangling creams, brushes, combs to remove the mats.
  • Don’t run the bath unless you have removed all mats. Matted hair can work as a sponge and trap moisture inside.
  • If you see the brushing and detangling is not working simply clip off the hairs or take your dog to a professional.
  • There are some detangling shampoos available in the market to deal with the mat. You can try them as well.
  • For smaller mats use a scissor to trim the area. You can place a comb between the skin and the scissor to prevent any damage to the skin.


Mats are no fun, and the best way to deal with them is to keep looking into your pet’s fur for any sign of matting. Appropriate care can save you and your pet a lot of trouble. Groom your pet regularly and use quality clippers for trimming the fur on your dog’s body.