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5 Best Dog Clippers for Poodles

5 Best Dog Clippers for Poodles

There are lots of reasons why dog owners choose to shave or trim their fur. This happens mostly in hotter climate periods. The rationale behind this is to help dogs through heat spells/waves, where they might get very uncomfortable from the heat.

While this is a kindhearted gesture by dog owners, it is worthy of note, that extensive shaving can do the animal more harm than good.

Dogs can suffer sun-burns if the protective coat of fur becomes too thin. It is therefore advisable for dog owners to abstain from shaving dogs with short furs.

The reason is, even though it may be hot during the day, it is usually still cold at night, and with no fur for protecting themselves from the cold, most canines tend to develop complications.

Below is a list of some reliable, efficient clippers for poodles.

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Top 5 Best Dog Clippers for Poodles

1. Wahl Arco

The part of the body currently trimmed is a big determinant on how close you groom your poodle’s fur. Usually, you would need a few clippers to sort this out, but Arco is one of the best poodle clippers and it comes with a 5-in-1 blade system (Sizes #9, #10, #15, #30, #40).

It is easy to use, as all you have to do is pick one mode and you’re good to go. Its major features include:

  • 5,500 cutting strokes per minute motor: this is most efficient for quality, non-pulling trims.
  • It is cordless, hence allows for more motion range when grooming.
  • Its Ergonomic design and lightweight reduce the chances of wrist fatigue.
  • Very durable battery (80 minutes) on only 75minutes of charge

This clipper is a huge favorite in the animal grooming industry, some saying it came when they needed the perfect clipper to aid trimming.

Finally, the Arco is made with durable casing material, which ensures that the components are not affected by accidental drops and can survive extended usage.

2. Andis 2-Speed

What this device lacks in outer design, it makes up for with performance. The device is very durable, strengthened by a fall-resistant and shatterproof casing. The durability of this device is assured.

Unlike the Arco, the 2-Speed is not cordless but has a very long cord that tries to make up for the clipping range. The trade-off for this design is that the cord ensures that the device has power throughout the grooming session.

This clipper is relatively quiet, but not as much as the Arco. This is due to the dual motor system. You can choose between 2700 strokes per minute (SPM) for gentler trims, or for the considerably more powerful 3400 SPM option.

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Obviously less powerful than the Arco, it is advisable to go slowly, especially if you have little or no experience in grooming poodles.

A major setback of the 2-Speed is the fact that it ships with only the #10 blade size, so you have to get other sizes.
This clipper is heavier than the Arco, but still maintains its stellar output and user-centric performance.

3. Wahl Motion Lithium-ion

This device has a 5 in one adjustable blade system like the Arco previously discussed but is button operated. It is cordless, giving the freedom to move around while trimming.

The battery on this device takes just 45minutes to acquire full charge, which will last for up to 2 hours. Like the previous two devices discussed, this device is very quiet and is good for use with skittish poodles. Pat of the packaging for this device, is the color guide combs that make sure you stylize your poodle’s hair with precision.

Also, note that the price of this device as a retail purchase, put its competitors with the same or similar capabilities on the back foot, as it might be the cheapest in that bracket.

4. Andis Pro Clip 22340 AGC2

This clipper is specifically designed to be used on poodle coats. The motto system is a professional standard model. It is a two-speed rotary motor, which lets you switch between fast and slow modes, depending on the area you’re clipping.

The chassis is very durable and is made up of shatter-resistant casing. It is wired, with a heavy-duty cord. It is very quiet, especially in low power mode.

One drawback is the fact that over time, the blade gets hot so you will need to cool it several times if the grooming session is a long one.

It is also a relatively chunky machine. Very convenient to hold, but not as comfy as the others described above. Compared to the others, this device is a little bit expensive, with output lower than others previously highlighted.

5. Wahl Professional Baruva

The biggest selling point of this device is that it has most of the features of the others, with no significant trade-ins in performance. It is the tool of choice for most groomers and is an excellent choice for both beginners and professionals.

Interestingly, the speed of the device can be controlled while grooming. This, in essence, means that the user will be able to adjust device speed on the go, to automatically fit any particular session, especially for tangled and thick hair.

This feature enables the user to easily adjust to the different fur texture and thickness as the grooming moves from one part of the poodle’s body area to another. It offers up to 5,500 SPM, with a continuous speed control throughout grooming sessions.

It is arguably the best choice for poodles. It is light and easy to use, and the blade size is ideal for the texture it will be used on. The Baruva was made specifically for the fur of a poodle.

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The Baruva can work as a wired device during extensive grooming periods or a cordless clipper for shorter spells. The versatility of the device is one of the main reasons it is regarded as arguably the best.

6. Andis EasyClip Pro-Animal 11

Probably the cheapest device on the list, it provides an absolute ton of value for its price. The EasyClip is a mid-range priced device ideal for both experts and beginners. It can serve as a good beginner kit because of its myriad of extra resources and add-on equipment.

These are basic accessories to help guide the beginner on his grooming journey. The clipper has 3,700 SPM, and it is not adjustable. This is enough for an amateur, but a professional will want something that can give cleaner cuts.

This does not in any way insinuate that the EasyClip clipper is not a good choice for professionals. With experience, most professionals will get the desired trim using it.

The argument, in this case, is one of finance. For a low priced, but efficient clipper, EasyClip is a very good option for both amateurs and professionals.

It comes with a hard case and makes carrying all accessories and clippers easily. The major downside to this device is not being able to modify the speed.

The reviews from long term users of the device attest to its durability and sturdiness. It is rare to find mid-range devices with this much value.

7. Oster A5 Turbo 2-Speed Pet Clipper

Oster is a brand well known for pro-quality clippers tough enough for poodle hair. This current device has speeds up to 4,000 SPM. To better control the device, sometimes users tend to reduce the speed to about 3,000 SPM

The device comes with a #10 CryogenX blade, but users can purchase a full range of blade sizes from Oster. Oster has wide blade systems that are compatible with this device. Wide blade systems make grooming extra fast as they cover a wider area.

The housing of this clipper is extremely durable and is built to last. The blades are made of pro-grade carbon steel.

The only downside to this device is that it only ships out as wired. This is a minor setback as wires reduce the mobility of the device.

As regards weight, it is heavier than most on the list but doesn’t cause any noticeable strain on users wrist.

How To Cut Poodle Hair

The truth is, poodle fur is really just hair. It is visibly softer than most dogs’ fur and grows continuously. Poodle puppies have even softer hair that often grows in waves instead of curly.

Between 9 and 18 months, of age, poodle hair transforms from puppy hair to adult poodle hair, which is thick, dense, coarse, single-layered coat of very curly hair.

Professional grooming at least 3 to 6 weeks is highly recommended for adult poodles.
There are various ways to go about grooming your poodle, depending on how old your poodle is, or the type of look you’re going for.

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Teddy Bear Style (Simple Look):

For this, all you’ll need is a dog trimmer and a blade guard. This combination will enable you to control the length of the fur that gets trimmed. The end result is the poodle having the same fur length all over (except for the face and feet).

Lamb Cut:

This look involves more attention to detail. Still, with the dog trimmer and blade guard, cut your poodle’s fur so that it is short in the back and gradually becomes longer as you go toward the neck. To achieve this, it might be necessary to change blades, using the shortest blade at the rear and increasing sizes as you progress to the fore.

Classic Continental Look:

This look is more reminiscent of the ’80s. to achieve this, you’ll need to shave the sides, legs, and backs of your poodle very short. Then leave a ring of untouched fur around each ankle (this is called a bracelet), and a ball of fur at the tail (called a pom-pom).

Next, shave your poodle’s face, lower than the original length, but longer than the new length on the sides and legs.

Leave the hair at the top of the head to serve as a “crown”, reminiscent of artists in the time where the hairstyle was popular.

In every look or style, you decide to go for, it is important to note that you need to trim the long hair from your poodle’s eyes. This can be achieved by using curved shears.

There is a myriad of other styles, but over time, these three have been proven to find a balance between aesthetics and protection from extreme weather.

All these styles can be achieved with finer finish by clippers. However, this involves learning how to use one. Clippers give a professional look and feel to the grooming process.


It is very important to note that this list above is not to condemn or write off products that didn’t make it to the list. The aim was to find clippers best suitable for poodles. Trimming poodles is more than just getting random clippers and digging out fur.

As previously stated, removing too much can cause the animal more of the pain you were trying to eliminate in the first place. The poodles of today are very delicate animals, and care should be taken to ensure grooming is done effectively, and without any harm whatsoever to the dog involved.

At the end of the day, it will boil down to more than just him, but also a clear understanding of the features, and evaluating the pros and cons associated with each option. Finding the best combination of speed, size, weight, accessories, etc will help the user determine which device is best suited for their purpose.