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Best Dog Food For Dobermans

Best Dog Food For Dobermans

We want the absolute best when it comes to the diet and nutrition of our pets. Doberman owners know what a tedious job it is to find the best dog food for Dobermans that meets all the nutritional requirements of their buddies.

Each Doberman is unique in his or her own way; therefore, the owner needs to conduct thorough research before purchasing their dog food.

This article aims to tackle the problem that Doberman owners generally face when it comes to buying the best dog food for Dobermans. It reviews a list of the most recommended ones available out there.


Dobermans are one of the most ferocious, powerful, and fast dog breeds out there.

They are the royal canines, with elegant lithe and sharp intelligence. The right diet determines to enhance all these qualities and growth of a Doberman.

Their nutrition is of hence of extreme importance and based on how energetic the Doberman is and how much it weighs you need to pick its dog food accordingly.

Dobermans are generally quite large and have large appetites; they can weigh up to 90 lbs and have heights between 25” and 28”.

They require a diet that is calorie-rich so that they can achieve lean and sleek muscles while being active.

Dobermans on average need about 2100 calories a day, but when and how much to feed them is also important.

Their meals should be divided over the day so that they refuel when they run low on energy.

Puppies require a lower calorie intake of about 1800 calories, while older senior ones need even lower calories of about 1300 a day.

It is important that you look for the best dog food for your Dobermans depending on how active and old your pooch is.

By the end of this article, you will be able to pick and choose a dog food that is more suited to your Doberman’s needs.

Top 7 Recommended Dog Foods for Dobermans

Here are some of the most recommended dog foods for picky Dobermans.

1. Merrick Grain-Free Dry Dog Food

This dry dog food by Merrick is perfect for Dobermans because it is grain-free, which means no gluten is used.

This makes it an easily digestible dog food. The primary ingredient used in this dog food is deboned buffalo and consists of omega 6 fatty acids that lead to very shiny coats and healthy skin.

Since it contains chondroitin and glucosamine it also promotes joint and bone health. Not only that, but it also consists of high proteins, fats, and fiber.

Along with deboned buffalo meat, it also contains turkey, salmon meat, sweet potatoes, and other vegetables.

This dog food is ideal for Dobermans with a sensitive stomach and Dobermans with allergies specifically because it is gluten-free.

The quality of kibble is great as it is manufactured in organically licensed kitchens in the USA.

2. Honest Kitchen’s Grain-Free Dog Food

This one is also a grain-free dog food out there and is made from real turkey as its primary ingredient.

It is made following FDA standards and is human-grade dog food. It is suitable for both Doberman adults and puppies.

What makes this dog food stand out is the fact that it is made by the freeze-drying process, which ensures that the effectiveness of the nutrients stays locked in.

It contains a greater amount of calories and lower carbohydrates which makes it perfect for Dobermans of all ages.

It is made without using any by-products or preservatives that means that all the ingredients are completely natural.

Moreover, it is easy to make formula, where all you have to do is add water to the kibble and it makes for a good meal for your Doberman.

3. Castor & Pollux Grain-Free Organic Dry Dog Food

This specific dog food is made from organic chicken and is its main ingredient. Also, it consists of sweet potatoes, flaxseed, coconut oil, and blueberries, which all are full of nutrients that your Doberman needs.

It is artificial flavor-free and is completely organic. It does not contain any growth hormones, antibiotics or pesticides so it is perfect for Dobermans with a sensitive stomach.

The omegas present in it promote healthier skin and shiny coats and hair. It is made in organically certified kitchens in the USA and is part of USDA guidelines.

It comes in three sizes of 4, 10 and 18 pounds, so you can pick and choose according to your Doberman’s appetite.

4. Newman’s Own Beef Dinner Dog Food

Newman’s Own is one of the cheapest Dog Foods out there for Dobermans. It is made of 95% organic ingredients, where real beef is the main ingredient.

Again, it is also a grain-free dog food and is ideal for Dobermans with allergies. If your pooch is allergic to wheat then this is a good pick.

It also contains minerals and vitamins that are crucial for your Doberman’s growth. These include vitamin D3, Vitamin, A, Vitamin E, Vitamin B12, Zinc, Magnesium, and Potassium.

One can contain about 460 calories and about 12% protein. It is free from any preservatives, antibiotics, and chemicals. It has certification from Oregon Tilth and is manufactured in the USA.

5. Hill’s Ideal Balance Dry Dog Food

Hill’s Ideal Balance is rich in proteins with chicken being the first key ingredient. Other than that the ingredients include: Brown and Brewers rice, Barley, Oats, Flaxseed, Chicken Fat amongst many others.

Additionally, it contains amino acids, vitamins, and minerals that are necessary for your Doberman’s growth.

The protein is lean to promote a slim and lean built that is generally preferred in Dobermans.

This dog food is good for Dobermans with a sensitive stomach as it leads to good bladder health. This is due to the fact that it contains vegetables and fruits coupled with essential antioxidants.

The brown rice is rich in fiber, which is good for digestion. While Flaxseed is ideal for a healthy and rich looking coat.

It contains no artificial flavors, corn, wheat, soy or preservatives. Thus, this formula enables the Doberman to have a healthy immune system. It provides the perfect ratio of fat to the energy that is necessary for a Doberman.

6. Taste of The Wild Dry Dog Food

Taste of the Wild is one of the most famous brands of Doberman dog foods out there. It contains real meat from Venison and Bison, which makes it high-protein dog food.

This leads to lean, and strong muscles and is also easily digestible. This makes it a good fit for Dobermans with a sensitive stomach.

This dog food is also good for smaller Dobermans, which are at a growing stage. The kibble is slightly small, and it is high in antioxidants.

Furthermore, it contains DHA which leads to high brain and vision development. It is made from all-natural ingredients as well as probiotics and does not contain wheat, grain or corn.

Last but not least, it also features species-specific probiotics.

7. AvoDerm Natural Dry & Wet Dog Food

This dog food has a chicken meal, avocados and brown rice that make it a good fit for Dobermans with an ideal fat to taste ratio.

It is rich in proteins and omega 6 and 3 fatty acids. Other ingredients include oatmeal, flaxseed, and antioxidants.

Moreover, it has a sufficient number of minerals and vitamins such as vitamin A, Calcium, Vitamin b6, and Vitamin C amongst many others.

This particular dog food is more suitable for adult Dobermans. It is wheat, corn, and soy-free and does not contain any artificial flavors or preservatives.

Dogs that weigh 100 pounds and above need to be fed about five cups, along with a third cup for every 10 pounds in excess of the 100.

How Much to Feed Your Doberman

  • This requires you to first analyze two aspects of your Doberman: Size and Activity Level. Thus, weight and lifestyle are of importance for you to determine the feed.
  • Underfeeding and overfeeding will lead your Doberman to have problems with their diet. Overfeeding will shorten Doberman’s life.
  • Moreover, if you plan on introducing new food then that should happen gradually. You should begin by keeping 75% of the old food while only 25% to be new.
  • Hence, you should gradually increase the new food to monitor any reactions or allergies that your Doberman might have.
  • In addition,  Dobermans require careful monitoring. This ensures they do not develop diarrhea or other stool problems.
  • Dobermans require a greater amount of fat in order for them to have non-itchy coats, so you should make sure fat ingredients are present in the dog food.

Nutritional Requirements of Dobermans

Even though dog foods pretty much incorporate the basic nutritional requirements, it is vital to guarantee that the Doberman receives a high-quality diet.

You should run through the nutritional content of the dog food before procuring any. You should be extra cautious about the ingredients especially for Dobermans with allergies or Dobermans with a sensitive stomach.

Moreover, you should make sure the following ingredients are present in some form before buying any:


You need to make sure that your Doberman receives a generous amount of amino acids and for that, a source of protein must be present as they promote muscle growth. The dog food should have at least 25% of protein.

As with other breeds, the greater protein the better, however, for Dobermans too much protein can lead to kidney diseases.

Animal meat is the ideal source of protein that should be present in dog food. They include the necessary amino acids and nutrients. Fish and chicken meals are also a good source.

All sources of protein are ideal except for meat byproducts, which is not good quality meat and you do not want to feed that to your Doberman. If your Doberman is allergic then you should make sure you avoid grain such as corn and wheat.


Fats are necessary for dogs as they lead to good skin, and Dobermans generally need greater fats than other breeds.

Dobermans have shorter hair and so they need fats to prevent hair dryness and itchiness. Salmon and flaxseed oils are a good source for this and they contain Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids.


Carbohydrates provide essential fibers and energy and at least a third of the dog food should contain carbohydrates.

Since Dobermans are more susceptible to diabetes carbohydrates take a longer time to break down. Thus, they should be fed in smaller doses. Good sources of carbohydrates include sweet potatoes legumes and peas.

Minerals and Vitamins

Vitamins and minerals are crucial for the health of your Doberman and it is essential for them to consume fruits and vegetables.

They improve digestion, lead to a stronger immune system and other such benefits. So it is important to look for antioxidants such as kale or blueberries.

Calcium is also a key ingredient to include in your Doberman’s diet. Generally, 2% is a good percentage of calcium for bone and joint development. A good source of calcium is rhubarb or blueberries.


There isn’t a specific dog food that stands out except when it comes to selecting the best dog for Dobermans.

You have to take many factors into deliberation such as the age, size, and lifestyle of the Doberman. As a rule of thumb, you should avoid chocolates, scraps, raisins when it comes to feeding any dogs.

You should look for the ingredients in the dog food and then consider whether each one will be good for your Doberman’s diet. This you will have to base on subjective factors such as how active your Doberman is or how old it is. Happy shopping!

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