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Best Dog Food For Pugs

Best Dog Food For Pugs
Best Dog Food For Pugs

Pugs are one of the best friends for men and it’s a proven truth. Also, there is something more than just friendship from your curly-tailed and wrinkly-faced buddy. This is why you like to be very friendly with your dog as an owner.

It’s nothing tough to be so. The best way to keep them happy is by giving them the right type of food with enough nutrients. But, you’re confused while looking for the best dog food for Pugs.

It’s because a lot of different foods are out there that have made things difficult to choose the right one. As a result, we’re going to share some best dog food for your Pugs to take you out of the issue.

Top 5 Product Reviews

1. Royal Canin | Breed Health Nutrition | Pug Adult dry dog food

Royal Canin experts have created this healthy and delicious food, especially for your Pugs. While making the food, they have kept in mind every related aspect of the breed’s overall health. The producer has considered things like skin sensitivities, allergic conditions, and extra weight gain.

These all are important considerable things when it comes to the question of the breed. The formula works best for those have Pugs more than 10-month older. Also, its ingredients help you to keep your dog’s skin healthy.

It promotes better health with the right weight along with an adequate amount of protein and L-carnitine. Moreover, the manufacturer has paid deep attention to providing other vital nutrients that are good for your Pug’s health. When you’ll look at the kibble, you’ll find them like a leaf of clover.

That’s why it has made the food easy to pick up and make the chewing process simpler. The most amazing thing is that this company is producing dog food for more than fifty years. So, they’re expert enough to make the right food for your Pugs.

As a result, this is a palatable meal that your dog will like much more if you’re anxious about feeding your fussy friend a dog food. The food is similar to other dog foods, its ingredients come without stuff like added color, flavors, corn, grain, wheat, filler, and preservatives.


  • Coat health and support skin
  • The ideal size of the kibble
  • Avoid weight gaining
  • Created by experts


  • Not suitable for picky eaters

2. Blue Buffalo | Small Breed Dog Food

This is another top brand and high-quality dog food for you Pugs comes from the Production house of Blue Buffalo. Because of its smaller bite kibble, the food is ideal for making the structure of your pugs along with its chewing mechanisms and jaw.

Coming with different flavors, the food has lots of options that are ready to descend care for with the pickiest of pooches. Since the manufacturer doesn’t apply any other by-products that can otherwise give the garbage, the producer prides in utilizing quality ingredients.

As a replacement for by-products, they use ingredients that are human-grade for example 100% pure protein-packed deboned chicken. Apart from using the most excellent ingredients, the manufacturer also adds vital vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals.

As a result, the food ensures your Pugs healthy and happy life be keeping away from common diseases. So, if you’re anxious about feeding your fussy friend a dog food, mix it with chicken stock and warm water. It’ll be a palatable meal that your dog will like much more.


  • Doesn’t come with any by-products
  • Not used soy, corn, or wheat
  • Improved vitamins & minerals
  • Smaller kibble size


  • Some batches are not palatable

3. Hill’s Science Diet Adult Small & Toy Breed Dog Food

Among the oldest dog foods, Hills is one and best of many others out there. They’re making dog foods for more than 80 years and sill they’re remaining on the top in terms of popularity when it comes to the best brands of dog food.

They know obviously what they’re making for your Pugs. Not just full of vitamins, this dog food comes with masses of fruits and veggies.

As a result, it’s the right choice for your fussy friend to make it attractive. It’s because the food was formulated with a clever recipe to keep healthy adults and small dogs.

Also, it entices choosy dogs as well as some others who are laid low with a reduced appetite because of illness. The food comes with many healthy ingredients.

These include broken pearled barley, flaxseed, pork fat, spinach, grape pomace, oat fiber, brewers rice, and folic acid.

Moreover, it contains citrus pulp, full-grain sorghum, riboflavin supplement, and B vitamins. Therefore, it’ll be a palatable meal that your dog will like much more if you’re anxious about feeding your fussy friend a dog food.

Like most other dog foods, its ingredients come without stuff like added color, flavors, corn, grain, wheat, filler, and preservatives.


  • Supplementary calcium
  • Small kibble, simple to eat
  • Ideal for fussy Pugs
  • Selected ingredients


  • Contains by-products of meat

4. Taste of the Wild Appalachian Valley Grain Free High Protein

The food comes without grain along with the first ingredients that are pure 100% venison. As a result, this food is one of the best supplies for your dog’s energy and better health. The modern science has proved that the Pugs have a similar DNA of the very old canines, such as the fox.

They have turned into your pet dogs from a wary hunter and shrewd after excellent care and domestication of years. This way, the breed has become trusted and best friends of yours. As their DNA is remaining the same as it was, they have demand for wild taste.

So, you should give them a diet with the most ingredients that have the most types of nutrients. This is why the food we’re talking about is the ideal choice for your dogs with essential things. The things include an optimal profile of amino acid and protein that ensures strong muscles and lean.

Also, it’ll make your Pugs hardworking while having high-profiled protein ingredients that come with essential vitamins and minerals. Moreover, it has veggies and fruit stuff with a blend of fatty acids that will help their skin and coat healthy.

The best thing about the food is that it has formulated with the selected ingredients. The ingredients come without stuff like added color, flavors, corn, grain, wheat, filler, and preservatives.


  • Sustainable & trusted ingredients
  • Domestic-owned company
  • Small kibble, so simple to eat
  • Coming with probiotics


  • Requires maintaining good quality

5. Wellness CORE Natural Grain-Free Dry Dog Food

Finally, we have another great dog food for your Pugs that comes from the production house of Wellness Core. The food is suitable for your small breeds that need a diet full of nutrients and sensitive to grain. It’s a special type of food that has designed for your dogs.

But, it might be a bit stressful to feed them all if you have multi-dog breeds. But, don’t worry; you may get relaxed knowing that you have multiple types of food that are free of grain from this production line.

That means if you own a pug or an adult breed dog, you should find the similar dog food that both of them eat without making issues.

If you’re in this issue, you can choose this dog food. It’s because the food is much suitable for the dogs that are sensitive to grain. So, it ensures that the food comes with the correct nutrients to maintain your Pug’s good health.

Also, it has supplementary probiotics that help your dog overcome the gut issue. Thus, the food makes sure to keep it strong without disease for a long time.

Another good thing is that it’ll be a palatable meal that your dog will like much more if you’re anxious about feeding your fussy friend a dog food. Apart from this, this food like most others that don’t have added color, flavors, corn, grain, wheat, filler, and preservatives.


  • Available more meat
  • Grain-free 100%
  • Formulated for small Pugs
  • Full of nutrient


  • Not properly done quality control

Dog Food for Pugs Buyer’s Guide

Well, you have found your desired dog food in the above-said list. Now, it’s time to take a look at which things are more considerable while going to buy dog food for your Pugs.

The very first and foremost thing is to see the ingredients of the food that’s available on the packet of the food. Thus, many more things have to take on your thought if you want to provide the best dog food for Pugs.

Kibble Size

Because of your pug’s particular shape of mouth and head, they feel trouble to eat or chew the food if it’s large. Also, they can get the issue of getting choked on them. Likewise, most pugs can’t chew bones because of the risk of choke. It indicates the importance of providing them the right size of the kibble.

So, look for the dog foods that are suitable for the smaller breeds. You’ll find their sizes are a bit smaller other than being big in comparison with other dog foods. Your dogs might be chewing and eating this food easily.

If not, you can understand the size of the kibble is a bit larger than they can comfort to eat. Also, it can indicate that you may find a new brand of dog food for your pugs.

Low-Calorie Foods

A round Pug is cute to look, but overweight is a big issue for your pugs. Unlike many other breeds, they’re likely to get packed more pounds easily. This is a very vital issue to ensure your dogs’ healthy lives. So, you have to choose the food that has a lower amount of calories.

Also, you have to get them a regular walk to become a responsible pug’s owner. Don’t forget one thing the issues due to obesity are the same that are available for human beings.

It means that your fussy friends can catch by diabetes as well. This is why lower-calorie food with regular walking is the best solution to the issues from the beginning.

Quality Ingredients

The most common issue of the pug is its skin allergies. Although all of them don’t fall into the issue, many of them dot. If you have a pug with a similar issue, you can select a formula of limited ingredients.

In this case, another very important thing to take note of is that the quality of the ingredients comes with the pack. So, always keep away from the foods that contain soy or corn-like grains to keep your pug safe from different health issues.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

How Much Dog Food Must Feed My Pugs?

It widely depends on what type of food you feed your pugs. Also, it’s largely dependable on the weight and size of your dogs. All pugs don’t come with the same weight. That’s why it has not a common answer to the question.

What Is The Best Food For My 7 Years+ Pug?

It’s better to know what food your dog prefers to eat and it doesn’t make any issue for its health. If you find an issue with one food then change it with another one and check what it likes to do with this one. Always go with the best quality ingredients that don’t have grain-like elements.

What Foods Are The Best for My Pugs if It Has allergies?

As it’s already said, choose the food that has to formulate with high-quality ingredients to avoid various health issues like allergies. Things to avoid like soy, corn, and wheat because they can make an issue of allergies.


Finally, we suggest you avoid getting lost in the crowd of loads of dog foods in the market. Always choose the one that comes with high-quality ingredients that don’t make any health issue. This is why we have suggested the top five best dog food for pugs in these reviews.

And, all of them are suitable for most Pugs. So, you can choose one of them, but you have to check them out if your dogs prefer them and don’t show any adverse reaction.

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