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5 Best Dog Food for Congestive Heart Failure [2022]

best dog food for congestive heart failure

Dogs with congestive heart failure are considered dogs that have cardiovascular system problems. They are often diagnosed by your local vet and it could be fatal to your buddy. This is characterized by the blood staying abnormally in the lungs, which obstructs your dog’s breathing. The best dog food for congestive heart failure helps to alleviate symptoms and increase the wellbeing of your dog.

Depending on what your vet may recommend, usually, sufficient diet plans, exercise, and a healthy lifestyle should be maintained by your dog. The foods that they eat should help them to not have more blockage in their breathing. Dogs that cough more often and have difficulty in breathing could have this problem.

As you can see, this can be an alarming state and condition. This is why you may be looking for the best dog food for congestive heart failure, as choosing the right kind of food, ingredients, and method of treatment is important to make sure your dog gets to live longer.

Our Product Reviews

Here are our top picks for the best dog food for congestive heart failure:

Taste of the Wild Real Meat Recipe Dry Dog Food

What we liked about Taste of the Wild is that it always includes real ingredients with zero grains.

Pure and lean meat is what you should give to your dog to help them recover from any illnesses because avoiding preservatives can help them become stronger.

This smoked salmon recipe contains fatty acids, which can help with their heart health.

What’s more, the fatty acids could also aid in their skin and coat health, while the highly-digestible ingredients can be friendly towards dogs who even have very sensitive stomachs.

Its probiotics can also make it tummy-friendly overall. The formula has been made without grain, corn, or any other fillers while keeping salmon the first ingredient.

Things We Liked about this dog food for congestive heart failure

  • Salmon is the first ingredient
  • Rich in fatty acids
  • Tummy-friendly
  • Easy to digest
  • No grains

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Can be a bit pricey

Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Diets Dry Dog Food

As a dry dog food, this one contains fish and sweet potato. It is common knowledge that fish is a good source of omega fatty acids, which can be helpful for anyone (or any dog) with heart problems.

The sweet potato can also be an alternative to your dog if they have difficulty in digesting regular potato (especially for senior dogs).

This 26-lb. the bag is a limited ingredient diet that has no artificial flavors or colors and is also free from grain, so your dog that has sensitive skin may find it easier to digest than regular dog food.

What’s more, the salmon included has a high protein content.

Things We Liked

  • Salmon is the first ingredient
  • Limited ingredients
  • Has sweet potato for simpler digestion
  • Contains natural fiber
  • Grain-free

Things We Didn’t Like

  • This dog food for congestive heart failure can be a bit pricey

Basics Flavors Food Topper & Gravy for Dogs

If your dog prefers chicken as a topper in their meal, this one can be an ideal choice for you. It contains both chicken and chicken bone broth to add flavor to your dog’s current meal.

Since amino acids are present in the bone broth for dogs, this can be helpful for your dog’s heart health. It is in a powder that can easily be served with your dog’s regular kibble.

You can just add water to make it into the broth and it can be a good choice of hydration for your dog if their kibble or current regular meal is too dry. It doesn’t contain soy, rice, corn, or other fillers.

Things We Liked

  • No fillers added
  • Contains pure chicken bone broth
  • Can add hydration to your dog’s diet
  • Easy to serve and mix
  • Has amino acids in the bone broth

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Some picky eaters may not like it

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Adult Dry Dog Food

Yet another grain-free option, this one from Blue Buffalo has real salmon as the first ingredient.

It comes in a bag of 24 lbs. and it has bits of antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins, which can help with your dog’s overall health and heart as well. It was made without any fillers such as corn, soy, and wheat.

Complex carbohydrates such as peas, carrots, and potatoes, are added to the mix so that your dog gets a balanced meal while keeping it easy to chew and digest.

It even has cranberries and blueberries to add some antioxidants to your dog’s diet.

Things We Liked

  • Contains antioxidants
  • No fillers added
  • Grain-free
  • Complex carbohydrates are used
  • Real salmon is the first ingredient

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Some dogs may not like the taste of the LifeSource bits

WholeHearted Grain Free All Life Stages Dry Dog Food

Coming from a reputable company that sells and markets grain-free dog food, this one contains real duck as the first ingredient in a 25-lbs. bag.

It contains no grains, wheat, or corn, making it easy to digest for your dog. It can be consumed by all dog breeds and for all life stages.

Probiotics are also included to enhance your dog’s digestion of the nutrients, while the omega-3 fatty acids can help with your heart’s health, skin, and coat.

It even has antioxidants so that it can help with your dog’s immune system. This dog food also contains peas and lentils for the veggie part to ensure a balanced diet.

Things We Liked

  • Includes probiotics
  • This dog food for congestive heart failure contains no grains
  • Has veggies like lentils and peas
  • Real duck is the first ingredient
  • Applicable for all breeds and life stages

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Some picky eaters may have trouble with this dog food for congestive heart failure

Things to Consider Before You Buy

Here are some things you may want to know to find out the best dog food for congestive heart failure:

How do I choose the best dog food for congestive heart failure?

If you are looking for the best dog food for congestive heart failure, you should know about the following:

Sodium content. Dog food that has low sodium content can be ideal for those who are suffering from congestive heart failure. This is because their blood gets less affected if their food is low on sodium or salt content, which can result in fewer heart problems and blockages. Look for a dog food that has less sodium content, or at least no preservatives and the like.

Amino acids. The amino acids are usually in the form of omega fatty acids, which can be helpful in your dog’s heart health. What it does is strengthening your dog’s heart so that they can easily or steadily recover from their congestive heart failure. Dogs that are suffering from such a terrible condition could be helped with dog foods that have amino acids.

When reading the label of your dog food, check for amino acids or at least omega fatty acids to ensure that your dog gets better heart health, especially if they have congestive heart failure.

B-vitamins. These vitamins can be helpful in fighting aging problems and diseases in your dog. They can also be present in a number of foods that are aimed for dogs with congestive heart failure.

Antioxidants. Antioxidants are usually in the form of vitamin E, which can not only benefit your dog’s skin and coat but can also get rid of free radicals that can sometimes make your dog’s aging faster. Free radicals are removed by antioxidants.

Grain-free. Knowing if your dog food is grain-free can be crucial to your dog’s health. Certain dog foods have a lot of grains and fillers, which may not be recommended at all for their health. In most cases, dogs can have a certain sensitivity to their food if the food items are filled with too many filers and grain. To avoid this, consider grain-free options for your dog.

Pure and lean meat. Know if the primary ingredient is a certain meat product (such as chicken, lamb, duck, or salmon) is the first ingredient that makes up more than 30% of the whole product. Consider such options to make sure that your dog doesn’t get by-products and fillers.

No fillers or preservatives. Dogs that eat food that has fewer preservatives tend to have a longer lifespan. As we mentioned above, sometimes, dog food that has preservatives can have more sodium content, which may not be good for their heart health. The solution is to look for certain dog food brands that only have limited ingredients.

How do I feed dog food for congestive heart failure?

To feed your dog, you should read the instruction for dog food, as not all dog food is the same. For instance, wet dog food is intended to be served as lunch or dinner as their main course. Most often, for senior dogs, wet dog food is recommended since they have more liquids for hydration.

Kibble is also okay to serve, provided that you give your dog plenty of water afterward. You can also serve certain toppers (as we reviewed above) with your dog’s staple food in order to make their daily meals less boring.

Why should I buy the best dog food for congestive heart failure?

There are many benefits to buying the best dog food for congestive heart failure, such as the following:

Stronger heart. Your dog’s heart health can be boosted thanks to the antioxidants, omega 3 fatty acids, amino acids, and the like. Since these dog foods are also made with natural ingredients and with fewer preservatives, they can also be easy to digest (see below) and they can also promote your dog’s heart health, which can be important if they are sporting dogs or those with history of heart problems.

Longer lifespan. If you ever fear that your best friend is getting old, you can spend more time with them by feeding them a healthier dog food brand. One that contains fewer grains, fewer preservatives, and more of the good ingredients can be ideal for dogs who are aging.

The same is true when you feed them with dog food that is aimed at those with congestive heart failure. They contain mostly nutrients such as antioxidants and other vitamins, which not only help with your dog’s heart but also with their other aspects of health.

Happier dog. A dog that is healthy is a happy dog. They can be more open to performing tricks, doing activities with you, bonding more, and having fewer problems with their health and mental behaviors. Therefore, it really pays to invest in quality dog food to make sure your dog is kept happy and such.

More physical activities. If your dog often loves to play outside, they may benefit from healthier dog food to keep up with their physical activities. Consider dog food for congestive heart failure that can help with their heart health to ensure that they will be able to perform their good old tricks without hesitation.

Easier digestion. Usually, dog food that is aimed for congestive heart failure contains no grains or fillers. This can make it easier for your dog to digest, especially if your dog is not very good at digesting food that is too difficult for them.

For instance, most dog food that has congestive heart failure contains sweet potato instead of a regular potato, which can help with simpler digestion. Also, it’s worth noting that these dog foods have fewer fillers.

Best dog food for congestive heart failure winner

To wrap it up, our top pick for the best dog food for congestive heart failure is the Taste of the Wild Real Meat Recipe Dry Dog Food due to the fact that salmon is the first ingredient and it is also rich in fatty acids due to the nature of the ingredients.

It is also quite tummy-friendly and is relatively easy to digest with no grains whatsoever. The only small caveat is the price, although this can be a minor con if you really do want to get the best nutrition for your dog that is suffering from congestive heart failure.

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