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Best Food To Hide Dog Pills In

Best Food To Hide Dog Pills In
Best Food To Hide Dog Pills In

Many dogs are widely food driven and you can hide their pill in the most type of food inside. So, they’re easy to feed their essential medicines and they’ll gobble them up. But, the scenery is a bit different from many others where it’s tough to make their pills get in properly.

If you’re one of those who are suffering from this issue, you can use some good foods to hide dog pills in to overcome it. Using a pill pocket is a great way of treating your dogs exactly in the way it sounds.

They’re small pieces of treats come with smaller pockets where you can hide medicines like capsules or pills in. However, you should be careful while choosing the pill pocket foods.

It’s because all of them have not made equally. Also not all the brands are suitable for your one. No worries, we’ll help you choose the right pill pocket food for your little dude.

Best Food To Hide Dog Pills In Reviews

1. Greenies Pill Pocket Soft Dog Treats

While using pill pockets, they’ll help you to make medication time into great treat time. And when it comes to the Greenies, they can do the job more successfully. They offer pill pockets that come with yummy chicken flavor. So, it’s very simple to give medicine to your dog.

This is how they can help you to eliminate the need of using boring human foods to feed with essential medicine. That means when you give them a pill pocket with medicine, you’ll do two good things for your dog at the same time.

These include you’re giving him a dose of medicine and feeding a portion of nutrient food. Green Pills has designed and suggested by lots of veterinarians to mask the smell as well as the taste of pills. It has taken down your mess and stress that you face while giving him medicine.

The manufacturer provides small-sized pill pockets that are suitable for the most sizes of pills and capsules. Also, you can give the pills easily that just needs to drop the pill in the pocket and give it to your dog.

That’s all. Talking about the ingredients of the pill pockets, they have made with all-natural stuff. They’re lower in calories to treat while hiding the smell of all types of medicines like pills, capsules, and syrup/suspension.

You can choose from a wide variety of flavors like chicken, peanut butter, hickory-smoked, and duck and pea. If you compare with some other pill pockets, you’ll find it as popular as practical to use.


  • Making ingredients are natural
  • Available in four different flavors
  • Very popular
  • Simple to use


  • Complaints about quality control

2. Zoe Pill Pops Dog Treats

Forcing every pill down your fussy dog in his throat might be a bit stressful and dangerous. Especially it can happen if your dog is very selective even on eating its regular food. But, the issue will not be continuing if you feed pills using Zoe Pills.

Your dog will eat pills like a treat while using this trick. The pill pockets come with two wrapped to keep their freshness. Each of the pockets can hold up to four pills or broken pieces at the same time. That means you can use them for smaller pills and larger capsules as well.

These pill pops have made with completely natural ingredients. So, all of them are out of artificial flavors and harmful preservatives. When it comes to the taste, the pill comes with the flavors of Rosemary-based roasted chicken; honey-based peanut butter, gingered grilled beef, and many more.

Most pet owners like these pill pockets for many reasons. For example, they have irresistible flavor and smell that your dogs will love. They can mask the smell of the medicine effectively. Also, the pills are as supple as moldable.

When you mold and cut the pills, they don’t grind. Sometimes you need to give two pills at the same time to your dog. That’s not a problem for Zoe Pill because you can put more than one tablet in these pill pockets. Besides, it was packed nicely that remains fresh for a long time.


  • Individually covered in two’s
  • Completely natural ingredients
  • Available in above 10 flavors
  • Stay fresh for a long time


  • Some dogs dislike the flavors

3. Milk-Bone Pill Pouches Dog Treats

These are other popular pill pockets and they can simplify giving medicine to your dog. The medicine pockets of Milk-Bone are simply effective, straightforward, affordable, and delicious.

The manufacturer guarantees that these pill pockets will satisfy you because they come with approved dog flavors.

These include Hickory Smoked and Real Chicken Bacon. All the pouches have a non-greasy and soft texture that doesn’t flake or crumble off. Every pill is deep enough that can accommodate even larger pill or some pills together.

That means you’ll not get stress or it’ll not make a mess while giving a pill to your pet. It’s because the treats have made from pure ingredients that are organic and come with just 19 calories with every pouch. So, if you’re a dog owner with a pet that needs medicine daily, you can try these pill pouches.

They’re also extremely convenient in terms of dispensing pills. It’s very tough to give lots of pills to a dog every day. This is why wrapping pills with yummy food has made the job simpler while using the pill pockets of Milk-Bone.

Moreover, they’re very economical as you can make them half-broken if you need. Even you can make them smaller parts to get them long-lasting. Dog owners are very happy while using these pill pockets because the issue of giving pills to their dogs has been solved.


  • Made from all organic ingredients
  • Provides 19 calories/treat
  • Large pockets to fit all types of pills


  • Some dogs may dislike the flavor

4. Vet Works Bacon Flavored Pill Treats

These pills come with the flavor of bacon from the famous dog food producer, Vet Works. The double-pack of the treats has a total of 30 pockets for pill with every pack.

This USA made the product has made with all-natural ingredients such as molasses, corn syrup, tapioca, poultry liver, and whey.

Every single bag has vacuum-packed by removing air, so they remain fresher for a long time. If you keep them in your room temperature with just wrapping around them, you can use these pill treats for many days in a fresh manner.

You can hide the most type of capsules and tablets into these pill pockets. When you’ll hide a pill in a pocket, you’ll just know there is a pill, but your dog will eat the pouch like a treat without avoiding eating the pill together. It’s because these pills smell like the treat of bacon-flavor.

As a result, your dog will eat it irresistibly. This is why it’s the most suitable pill pocket for you if you have a very choosy dog. Also, the pill pockets don’t have any major side effects like diarrhea, so you can treat your dog using them easily.

It’s because a single pouch of pill pocket goes a bit distant if you split one into half or make it into some pieces by breaking. But, when you’ll first look at the pill pockets, you’ll think them stiff in the packet. This is why we suggest keeping a pocket in the air for some time then giving it to your dog.


  • Fully natural ingredients
  • Made in the USA
  • Vacuum-packed bags
  • Larger pouches


  • Need to soften at your room temperature

5. Tomlyn Pill-Masker Paste for Dogs

This paste will help you to make medication time into a great treat time while using it. Also, they can do the job more successfully when it comes to Tomlyn.

Since they offer paste that comes with yummy chicken flavor, it’s very simple to give medicine to your dog.

Thus you can eliminate the need of using boring human foods to feed with essential medicine. It means that you’ll do two good things for your dog at the same time when you give them a pill pocket with medicine.

One, you’re giving it the essential medicine; two, you’re also giving it some nutritional food. In this list of pill pocket, this one is in paste form instead pill pockets.

This paste-like product is very tasty, moist, and moldable, which was designed to cover up the smell of any pill or syrup.

Moreover, your dog will like it very much as it has made with the flavor of bacon with yummy taste. Besides, you also can use the paste during training a dog. The most stunning feature of the paste is that you can make your pill pocket according to your preferred size and shape.

That means you can make them smaller and bigger for one or whatever the number of pills you like to get into the pocket. This pill-masking paste of Tomlyn smells great that will make your dog irresistible to eat the pouch you have made for it.


  • Easy to make any size of pockets
  • 50+ servings in a single container
  • Simple to use for your dogs & cats
  • Alluring bacon flavor


  • The odor is too strong for some dog owners

Buying Guide Of The Best Food To Hide Dog Pills In

Pill pockets are somewhat like a godsend thing when you need to give medicine to your dog. You just need to buy them and set a pill or two to get them inside its mouth.

But, all pill pockets have not made in the same way for all dogs like one-size-fit-all. So, you should buy them very carefully for the best result. Let’s know what you should consider while buying pill pockets for your dog.


Many types of pill pockets are out there. So, you have to choose the right one for your dog. It’s because they’re different in types and you should get the one that’s most perfect for your choosy dog. The types of choose from include Medi Crunch, Vetoquinol, Milkbone, and Earth Balance.

If your dog likes to eat peanut butter, you can choose the medi crunch. But, you have to select vetoquinol if your dog likes to eat moist and flavorful foods. Likewise, if your dog likes to eat chewy food then you can give it Milkbone.


Most pill pockets are indeed safe for your dogs. But, if you find your dog is showing any adverse reaction after eating a specific type of pill packet then you should stop that and see a vet specialist.

Also, the same recommendation for you if your dog has any known issue for any ingredients that have made the pill pocket with. For example, if your dog has an allergic issue than you should avoid the elements that makes the issue.


Sizes matter much when it comes to the pill pockets for dog’s medicines. It’s because if you have to give them more than one, for example, 2 to 10 tabs at a time, you’ll find an issue with small-sized pockets.  That means you have to choose the right size of pockets to accommodate the pills correctly.


Can I Get One Item To Utilize For My Dogs & Cats?

Yes, you can. Usually, it’s not a big issue to use one ideal pill pocket for your both pet like dog and cat.  But, this is not an application all the time because some products might not have an issue for one pet and it may be problematic for another one. If it happens then stop using the product and meet an expert vet.

Can I Make My Own Pill Pockets?

Yes, you can. But, you have to know the right proportion of the ingredients that you need to use. For example, if you like to make a peanut pill pocket, you have to mix stuff in the ratio of 2:1:1. It means that you need to mix things 2Xflour: 1Xpeanut butter: 1X milk or water.

Are The Pill Pockets Safe For My Dog?

Most of the available pill pockets are safe to give your dogs. But, always keep in mind that you have to choose the pill pockets that come with lower calories and healthy treats. You’re free of stress if you use any of the above-said pill pockets.

What Can I Do For My Dog As It Does Not Like Peanut Butter’s Taste?

If you have tried homemade pill pocket then try readymade ones. Also, some dogs may need to change a few types of flavor to identify their ones.


Your dog might be a bit smart about evades their pills or capsules or any other medicines. But, you must be much smarter than your dog. So, the simplest way to solve the issue is by switching to pill pockets. And the best way is to use the pill pockets that we have reviewed above.

It’s because all of them have been designed by some expert vets and very popular with the dog owners. Also, they’re very simple to use and provide the best results for your dog when you’re in the issue of giving them medicine.

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