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10 Best Dog Clippers for Havanese [2022]

best dog clippers for havanese

Havanese are one of the cutest puppy-breeds out there. All of them have a different set of hair like humans, some are curly, some are wavy, and some are straight. One thing that is common in all is the type of coat. When grooming your dog make sure you use the best dog clippers for Havanese.

All Havanese have a drop coat. There is a misconception that animals with drop coat don’t shed, which is untrue since all animals shed once a year.

To keep your Havanese clean, neat, and healthy, giving it a trim once or twice in three months is extremely necessary. However, if you decide to go to dog grooming salons this often, they will rip your pocket off.

Havanese are known to shed less, it’s not like they don’t shed, they do but less than other dogs. This is why Havanese don’t lose their coat completely and they require regular grooming sessions.

Learning to groom your Havanese is not a very difficult task, however, if you have a crappy pair of clippers, you will find the task very difficult.

With proper professional-grade clippers, you will be able to groom your fur baby within less than 20 minutes. For your ease, we have listed down the best dog clippers for Havanese.

How Often a Havanese Should Be Groomed?

Havanese are beautiful dogs with long showy coats. However, to maintain that look, grooming is essential. So, how often should you groom your Havanese for it to look good?

Let’s look into the finer details of grooming a Havanese and how often you need to do it.

10 Best Dog Clippers for Havanese

1. Wahl Home Pet Pro-Series Complete Pet Clipper Kit

wahl pro series complete pet clipper kit with corded or cordless operation blueThis grooming kit is specifically designed for medium dogs with heavy coats. You can use it for trimming and for touch-ups as well. This clipper is pretty handy and will reduce your visits to pocket ripping dog grooming salons by 90 percent.

Wahl is a well-known company in the world of human as well as animal hair accessories. This hair grooming kit is no less. It is one of the best on the market when it comes to pet grooming kits.

Wahl has opted for high carbon steel blades in this particular clipper. Steel blades with high carbon content are hard, durable, and sturdy which is why they require minimum maintenance.

They are self-sharpening and are not rendered useless after constant use. The maximum amount of maintenance required is cleaning them with a brush after every grooming session.

Grip plays an important role when it comes to grooming your dog. If you don’t have a proper grip, there is a high chance the clipper will sip and harm your pet’s skin.

Hence, Wahl has taken the initiative of making the clipper’s grip non-slip and user-friendly. The comfortable grip makes it easy to hold the clipper and cute at different angles. You don’t need to change the position of your grip every time.


  • The clippers are durable and sturdy.
  • The whole package is wireless.
  • Blades installed in these dog clippers for Havanese are self-sharpening.
  • Comes with Wahls traditional warranty.


  • Cannot cut through a very thick set of hair.

2. Sminiker Professional Low Noise Rechargeable Cordless Cat and Dog Clippers

aibors dog clippers for grooming for thick coats heavy duty low noise rechargeable cordless pet hair grooming clippers professional dog grooming kit dog trimmer shaver for small large dogs cats pets 1This clipper set is as efficient and functional as pretty it looks. The set is a complete package, there is not a single thing you will not find in it. From nail clippers to hair scissors to blade guides.

You have anything, and everything needed during a grooming session. This hair trimmer comes with heavy-duty yet noise-less machinery on the inside.

The functionality is made as stable as possible which reduces the risk of accidents. Usually, we see owners who groom their pets themselves sometimes undergo an accident and end up hurting their dog or cat. You should be rest assured, this will not happen while using Sminiker dog and cat clippers.

The blades of this clipper set are made of titanium combined with ceramic. We don’t usually see this combination in many clippers however, it has proved to be very efficient and functional.

The blades don’t require a lot of maintenance. They are self-sharpening and are made to be movable. Hence, you can adjust the blade according to your ease. Since the blade is made using titanium, it will not rust even if you use it on a wet coat.

To make the whole process user-friendly, the clipper comes with 4 different guide combs. These combs not only help you in giving your pet the proper, leveled and symmetrical cut but also prevents the skin from getting stuck in the blades. The set comes with a 3 mm, 6 mm, 9 mm, and 12 mm blade guide.


  • It comes with 2 years warranty.
  • The noise level of these dog clippers for Havanese is less than 50 dB.
  • Blades are rust-resistant.
  • The whole process is very user-friendly.


  • The blade guide gets clogged with hair.

3. Wahl Professional Animal Bravura Cordless Lithium Pet, Dog, and Cat Clipper

wahl professional animal bravura pet dog cat and horse corded cordless clipper kitAnother Wahl clippers made the list because let’s be realistic, nothing can beat Wahl products when it comes to grooming. This clipper set is slightly expensive when compared to the rest of the clippers on the list but mind you!

With the higher price, in this case, you get amazing efficiency, highly ergonomic design, and great functionality. It is a cordless clipper that combines durability and functionality.

Once fully charged, the Clippers give you a work time of 90 minutes which is ideal when it comes to grooming Havanese. It will never take you more than 90 minutes.

This clipper set comes with Wahl’s patented 5 in 1 blade to give the pet owners everything they need in one place. The blade can be adjusted according to the pet’s coat.

The five-blade sizes the clipper can adjust to are #9, #10, #15, #30, and #40. Trust me! You will not need any other blade size since the variety covers all ranges. The different blade sizes and easy adjustments make it easy to trim paw, butt, and tail hair as well.

This Wahl clipper set comes with a lithium-ion battery that takes 60 minutes to charge completely. Once fully charge it gives you a work time of 90 minutes which is ideal for medium-sized dogs.

The best part is, if you forget to charge your clippers before the grooming session, you don’t have to postpone it, all you have to do is plug the clipper in and it will work perfectly.


  • Comes with Wahls warranty.
  • These dog clippers for Havanese are lightweight, durable, and sturdy.
  • The blade can be adjusted to 5 different sizes.
  • Long battery life.


  • The clipper set is expensive as compared to other clippers.

4. Andis UltraEdge Super 2-Speed Detachable Blade Clipper

andis ultraedge super 2 speed detachable blade clipper professional animal dog grooming agc2This heavy-duty corded clipper for dogs and cats is ideal for anyone who has more than two-three pets at home. The clipper does not heat up like other clippers and since it is corded, you don’t have to worry about the battery dying.

The clipper provides a noiseless working with a heavy-duty 2-speed motor. Usually, we don’t see a heavy-duty hair clipper set with a low noise level but Andis was able to achieve it with the extensive research it puts into each product.

This set of hair clippers is pretty basic, we don’t see any glitter and glam, but it works perfectly well. It comes with a two-speed rotary motor. Since the higher speed provides higher cutting abilities, it is also noisier.

Thus, if you have an anxious little fur baby, you can use the slower speed to keep it calm and get done with the grooming session. Also, for grooming the butt area, paws, and chin area, it is advised you keep the speed slow to prevent any accidents. Some dog parents use trazodone for dogs or other medicine to calm the dog, but we don’t recommend it for grooming.

Even though the hair clipper is a professional-grade hair clipper, it comes with a non-adjustable basic blade that can be removed for attaching any other blade.

However, the set neither comes with any blade guides nor does it come with any other number of blades. If you want something different for your pet or need a blade guide, you will have to purchase it separately.


  • It is heavy-duty.
  • Comes with a 14 feet long cord.
  • These dog clippers for Havanese have 2 motor speeds.
  • Is durable and sturdy.


  • Is expensive as compared to other dog clippers for Havanese.
  • You need to purchase blade guides separately.

5. JOYPAWS Dog Clippers Rechargeable Pet Clippers

joypaws dog clippers rechargeable pet clippers 3 speeds lcd display 50 db quiet hair clippers set with 4 5h work time dog trimmer cordless pet grooming tool dog hair trimmer for dogs cats petsThis extremely reasonable yet efficient and functional clipper set by GHB electric is ideal for beginners. It comes with a 2200 mAh battery, that can give your 6 hours of working time once fully charged.

This type of high working time is not even found in the most expensive professional-grade hair clippers. The motor installed is superior grade and has a very low noise level even in turbo mode.

The best part of the package is the small LCD screen on the clippers that tells you the speed, time users, time left, etc.

The clipper set uses a precision-cut titanium blade that is not only low maintenance but also rust-resistant. The blade is a ceramic moving blade so the user can adjust according to the type of use.

The blade installed has 30 sharp teeth that are self-sharpening and do not require extensive maintenance. In case the teeth go bland and you have an issue in cutting or grooming your pet’s hair, the clipper set comes with an extra blade.

The small LCD screen shows the remaining power, the available working time the power will provide, the motor speed you are using, and the burden of the blade. This helps in better control of the overall process.


  • Comes with guide blades, scissors, a cleaning brush, etc.
  • Has two motor speeds.
  • Provides noise-less working.
  • These dog clippers for Havanese have an LCD screen display.


  • Tends to pull hair if not used with care.

6. Oneisall Dog Grooming Clippers

oneisall dog grooming clippers for thick heavy coats2 speed cordless professional hair trimmers with metal blade for dogs cats animalsThese dog grooming clippers suitable for your Havanese come with stainless steel detachable blades. These blades don’t become dull quickly, thus ensuring your dog is getting a clean cut every time.

As the best clippers for Havanese, these grooming clippers come with a 2500mAh rechargeable battery. This rechargeable battery takes 3 hrs to charge and can last for 5 hrs, so you don’t have to worry if you have multiple dogs to groom.

Moreover, the cordless nature of these best clippers for Havanese means now you can even groom your pet even when you are hiking or camping with your dog.

Another highlight one these best clippers for Havanese is the LCD screen that allows you to monitor all vital details of the clippers, like power percentage or motor speed. With that, you, as the groomer, have control of the whole grooming process.

Lastly, the noise is below 55 dB at low speed, making this tool one of the best clippers for Havanese. I bet no dog wants to be groomed all over its body with a highly vibrating hair clipper.


  • Made with durable stainless steel blades
  • Provides two speeds for efficient grooming – 6000 and 6500 RPM
  • These dog clippers for Havanese have a high battery capacity


  • Some dog parents still say the clippers are pretty noisy

7. AIRBORS Dog Clippers

aibors dog clippers for grooming for thick coats heavy duty low noise rechargeable cordless pet hair grooming clippers professional dog grooming kit dog trimmer shaver for small large dogs cats petsGrab for yourself the best clippers for Havanese, and all those routine visits to an expensive groomer will be a thing of the past. One example of the best dog grooming clippers for Havanese that most dog groomers can vouch for is the ones from AIRBORS.

As the best trimmer clippers for Havanese, these clippers have a strong heavy-duty motor that offers 6500 rpm for the proper grooming of your pet.

With such a rotary power, it means that these best clippers for Havanese will cut through thick and matted hair without breaking down or pulling on your dog’s coat.

The other highlight is the adjustable guide combs, which allows for easy trimming of the hair in different length.

The fitted 2000mAH rechargeable battery takes 3-4 hrs to charge and can last for 3 hrs of intensive grooming. You will often find that you won’t take this long to groom your Havanese.

Lastly, the LCD screen ensures easier monitoring of the power levels on the dog clipper, giving you control of the whole hair cutting process.


  • Constructed with high carbon blades that provide a smooth cut
  • These dog clippers for Havanese have an inbuilt 2000mAH battery
  • Low noise and vibration design


  • The clippers get hot after prolonged use

8. Oneisall Dog Shaver Clippers

oneisall dog shaver clippersThis brand Oneisall appears once more in this list of the best dog grooming clippers for Havanese with these easy-to-use Oneisall Dog Shaver Clippers.

As the best clippers for Havanese, these trimmers feature an inbuilt battery that charges quickly.

The upgraded stainless steel fixed blades and ceramic moving blades provide an incredible hair-cutting experience different from other brands.

Moreover, the blades on these best clippers for Havanese are removable, allowing easier changing and cleaning.

The rotary motor here produces low noise of around 50db–too low even to startle your dog while you work on its coat.

These clippers come with 6 guard combs which allow you to clip the hair in different lengths.


  • Detachable blades for easy cleaning
  • With a powerful inbuilt battery
  • These dog clippers for Havanese can be used while still charging


  • These clippers might not be the best for extreme matting.

9. GOOAD 14pcs Dog Clippers

gooad 14 pcs dog clippers low noise 2 in 1 with usb rechargeable 2200ma cordless electric quiet pets hair trimmers setdog grooming clippers kits shaver shears dog nail clippers for dogs catsMake the hair-cutting experience both for you and your pet safe and easy with these GOOAD 14pcs Dog Clippers.

As the best clippers for Havanese, these trimmers feature a 2 blade in one function, making them versatile and convenient.

The narrow blade is suitable for grooming the hair around the face, mustache, and paws.

The wide blade is best for trimming the rest of the body.

Moreover, these best clippers for Havanese are powered by a 2200 maH high-capacity lithium battery. This powerful battery allows you to groom your pet without worrying that power might go down anytime.

The fitted 33 tooth titanium blade and ceramic movable blade work together to ensure you have an easy time working on your pet’s coat.

Moreover, these adjustable blades are easy to detach for easy cleaning or changing.

Lastly, as the best clippers for Havanese, the GOOAD 14pc dog clippers for Havanese come fitted with q-sus low noise technology. This technology lowers any vibrations or noise that might startle your puppy.


  • Lightweight cordless clippers
  • Fitted with a 2200mah battery
  • Equipped with removable blades for easy cleaning
  • These dog clippers for Havanese feature adjustable blades


  • Battery capacity is not that high

10. Ceenwes Dog Clippers Low Noise Pet Clippers

ceenwes dog clippers low noise pet clippers rechargeable dog trimmer cordless pet grooming toolIf you’re looking for the best trimmer clippers for Havanese, then go further; this is the device you need. As the best clippers for Havanese, this device comes with a titanium blade and ceramic movable blade, which allows precise hair cutting.

Worry less if your pet is scared of vibration and noise. The reason being these dog clippers for Havanese features low noise and vibration, giving your pet a smooth and remarkable grooming experience.

And if your preference is cordless clippers, then these best clippers for Havanese from Ceenwes should be your top choice. These Havanese dog clippers come with a built-in battery that takes 5 hrs to charge, offering 70 minutes of grooming time.

Additionally, the clippers come with additional grooming accessories like nail clippers, stainless steel comb, blade oil, and stainless steel scissors. These tools make the whole home grooming process for you easy and enjoyable.


  • Low noise and vibration design
  • Lightweight and cordless design for easy usage
  • Dog clippers for Havanese with detachable blades for easy changing and cleaning


  • These dog clippers for Havanese get hot quickly

What to look for in clippers for Havanese?

When it comes to dog clippers for Havanese, we have multiple options. Unfortunately! Not all options on the market are safe and functional.

Thus, for the sake of convenience and safety, it is advised that you do a little research beforehand to understand what you need.

We have listed down some of the features that are of utmost importance when buying a hair clipper for your Havanese.

Rotary speed

This depends on the type of coat your dog has. Since Havanese usually have a thick coat as a result of little shedding, getting a hair clipper with 2 or more rotary speeds is the best option.

The higher the speed the thicker the coat it can handle. Getting dog clippers for Havanese with only one turbo speed option is not practical since for the paws and butt area you need lower speeds.

Sharp blades

Dull blades will do you no good. Durable, sharp and self-sharpening blades are your best chance at properly and efficiently grooming your Havanese at home.

Since they have silky smooth long thick locks, sharp blades are extremely important. You will not have to worry about matts and nips being left untreated.


You don’t want aching wrists after the grooming session, do you? Well! If not, you should invest in clippers that are lightweight. This is not for the sake of your Havanese, rather it is something you will benefit from. Along with being lightweight, make sure the grip of the clipper is also comfortable.


Anxious or not! The vibration of a motor tends to make pets anxious and stressed. Thus, it is best you invest in clippers that claim low-noise levels. The noise level should be lower than 50 dB in any case.

How Do You Groom A Matted Havanese?

Besides being painful, mats trap moisture and cut off air supply all over your dog coat. And this can lead up to severe skin infection discoloration of the skin. With that, dog owners like you must know how to work on these mats before they all turn out to be a nuisance.

Some mats are easy to work out at home using the best clippers for Havanese, and some may be a big task for you. Hence the only option is to take your dog to a professional groomer.

The dematting process

Use a comb to remove the mats (only rely on this option if the mats are not plenty or severe).

First, spray some conditioner on the dog coat to prevent hair damage. Then single out the mats in your dog’s skin from the rest of the dog’s hair.

Grab the base of the knots to prevent the brush from pulling the hair forcefully out of the skin. Gently start combing in small strokes from the end of the hair down to your Havanese coat. Follow this for all mats.

Also, remember to take short breaks if your dog seems to become uneasy.

Nevertheless, this grooming process will be time-consuming and tiresome; however, you will have cleared the mats by the end.

Using clippers

Sometimes mats can be tough, and using a comb to work them out might be useless. And the next alternative is now using the best clippers for Havanese.

However, only use dog clippers for Havanese if you are an expert. If you are not an expert, there is always the risk of nicking or cutting your dog’s thin coat with a dog hair clipper.

To start it off, only work in small sections instead of working in large areas all at once. Trimming large patches might cause much discomfort to your dog. Get the blade of the clipper underneath the mat at a 45˚ angle right against the skin.

Work on each mat one by one till they are all clear. Afterward, a bath with the best detangling shampoo with a moisturizer will help soothe its coat.

As a key highlight, avoid using scissors to cut mats on your dog. Only let the best clippers for Havanese do the job for you.

What Size Blade Should I Use On Clipper For Havanese?

If you want to give your Havanese a clean-cut, you need the best clippers for Havanese and the best blade type and size.

The size of the blade you use on your Havanese coat will determine the length of the cut. These blades range from number 3 to 50. A small blade number will leave a longer hair after a cut, and vice versa is true.

Here is an example of coat length left by different blades sizes after cutting dog hair.

Blade size Length of hair left
Blade #3 This blade size will cut 13mm of length on the Havanese coat
Blade #5 This blade will cut 6mm of the hair on the dog
Blade #9 This blade size cuts and leaves 2 mm off the coat
Blade #15 This blade leaves 1.2 mm of the Havanese coat
Blade #50 Vets preferably use this blade for surgical cuts

Most importantly, the clip type can determine the appropriate blade size to use.

For example, a summer clip appropriate for your dog just before it becomes hotter in the year will require a #7 or #7F blade fixed on the best clippers for Havanese.

A sanitary clip on your Havanese will need a #10 blade. This blade size allows you to easily remove hair from your dog’s sensitive part of the body, like the groin, thighs, and armpits.

Lastly, a routine puppy clip using the best clippers for Havanese will need a #10 blade.

If everything seems confusing, you can consult a groomer on the blade size to fit the best clippers for Havanese that you will have bought.

How Do I Stop My Havanese From Matting?

One of the best ways to prevent the formation of mats on your Havanese coat is by regular and thorough brushing of the coat. Mats are notorious! They can form in the outer or inner coat of your dog. With that, it should always be your aim to get the right tool that will reach all over the coat. You can opt to use an undercoat rake or slicker brush. Either of the tools will easily penetrate all over the coat, clearing mats that might be forming.

Besides stopping mats from forming on the coat, brushing will help spread moisturizing oils all over the coat.

Grooming a Havanese with Clippers

Another way to stop matting is by using the best clippers for Havanese to keep the coat short and nice looking.

Note clearly; we don’t recommend that you give your dog a clean shave using a dog clippers. The reason is, shaving the whole coat will leave your dog with no protection from weather elements. Just maintain an understandable coat length using the best clippers for Havanese dogs.

A nice cut with the best clippers for Havanese will also make it easy to comb or brush your dog. Altogether, you will have prevented mats from finding a haven on your dog’s coat.

A Proper Diet

Besides using the best clippers for Havanese, and regular brushing, one way to stop matting is by giving your Havanese dog a proper diet.

You know, a diet that your dog eats can affect his whole body health and the coat’s general look. And a healthy coat is less likely to form mats or tangles that can be pretty painful.

Give your dog a diet with lean proteins, healthy fats, healthy vegetables, and fruits.

Also, supplementing the diet with omega fatty acids sources like salmon flaxseed will be crucial in making the coat healthier.

How Often Do You Need To Brush A Havanese Coat?

Since a Havanese is a moderate shedder, a regular brushing every 2 to 3 weeks will suffice. Routine brushing will prevent the coat from forming mats and tangles. Still, brushing helps spread moisturizing oils all over the dog’s coat.

How Often Do You Need To Bathe A Havanese Coat?

It would be best if you bathed your Havanese coat infrequently. One bathe per month will be much better than none. And if need be, you can do it after every 6 weeks. Only use a suitable shampoo to keep your dog clean and smelling great. If your dog has mats, then a detangling shampoo will come in handy.

How Often Should You Cut A Havanese Coat?

Trimming your dog’s coat is one grooming aspect that will help prevent the formation of mats. Worth noting trimming a Havanese coat should be infrequent. The best practice is to do it after every 8 weeks. Remember to use the best clippers for Havanese that will give your dog a cut without disturbing the coat.

When grooming the nails of a Havanese, cutting them every 6-8 weeks using the best nail clippers for Havanese will suffice.

Also, remember to clean the Havanese teeth and ears every 2 to 3 days.

Follow all these routines, and you will have a well-maintained dog free of mats, long nails, or dental diseases.

This is how you get clippers for Havanesedog clippers for Havanese

If you are a first-time buyer, getting the best clippers for your dog might be difficult. To be honest! Every dog has a unique coat, but luckily what works for one Havanese should work for another. If you consider all the important factors beforehand, you might have a big chance at hitting the jackpot on the first try.

In this article, we have listed the best dog clippers for Havanese and also shared a buying guide that will help you in choosing the most reasonable and workable clippers for your Havanese.

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