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5 Best Dog Grooming Scissors [for 2022]

dog grooming scissors

Having a furry friend implies a lot of duties and one of them is that you need to groom your pet regularly. To do a great job you need quality tools like dog grooming scissors.

Even if you hire professional help for grooming and give a nice cut to the long hairs of your pooch, you still need trimming from time to time for keeping him in better shape and maintaining the desired length.

That’s where dog grooming scissors come in handy, and we recommend every pet parent should have one for performing the touch-ups, or you can get ambitious and give a proper haircut to your pet.

With time, patience, and effort you can master this art of maintaining or giving a perfect haircut to your dog. So this article is designed to educate you all about dog grooming scissors for your dog.

Top 5 Best Dog Grooming Scissors

Choosing the right tools can be confusing with so many of them out there. We have tried to make it easy by shortlisting some of the best grooming scissors for you.

Pet Magasin Grooming Scissors Kits

It’s a grooming scissors set that is excellent for giving a smart and stylish look to your pet. It includes 2 pairs of scissors for catering your all needs.

A long smooth blades scissor can be used for cutting the fur or body while the other one is with smaller micro-serrated blades for close work on your dog’s face, paws, or tail.

The scissors have top-quality stainless steel scissors with blades that won’t rust with time. The sharp blades are made from surgical quality Japanese stainless steel.

The blades come in excellent shape and are sharp enough for a precise cut. You can sharpen the blades again after or before using it.

Its attractive design features an ergonomic handle that is covered with a cushioning polymer for giving comfort and rest to your finger while working. The design is comfortable for both left and right-hand users.

Its rounded blade tips (or safety tips) are safe for even a very active pet. The noiseless and comfortable touch keeps your dog calm, and you can concentrate on giving him a perfect cut. It’s a great choice for your basic trimming needs.

Gimars Dog Grooming Scissors

Here is a kit of different scissors for catering your all needs for grooming your pet.

The pack of scissors includes three useful scissors.

A straight scissor for the basic trimming and cutting, curved scissors for those places where a straight scissor won’t do justice, and finally a thinning dog grooming scissors for giving a professional touch and reducing the volume of hair.

All scissors are made with heavy-duty stainless steel with a titanium coating. The titanium coated scissors work well for a long period.

The scissors can be sharpened well before a grooming session for giving a precise cut to your pooch.

The ergonomic scissors are designed specifically for grooming your pet tension-free.

The handles give an easy and comfortable grip. The pack comes with a comb for getting a length idea while cutting.

Scaredy Cut Silent Pet Grooming Kit for Cats & Dogs

This one is perfect for those who need trimming from time to time and don’t want to buy a complete set of scissors.

Scissors have serrated blades to better hold fur in place while cutting.

The ball-tipped blades are perfect for trimming hairs from sensitive areas like eyes, behind ears, or paws.

Its padded handle gives a comfortable grip and makes cutting easier. It’s a great choice for a quick touchup or trimming session.

iSeaFly Dog Grooming Shears for Full Body

For those, who want to be equipped with all the necessary tools required for a haircut, this grooming kit is a great choice. The kit contains two straight scissors.

The big one is used for cutting flat hair parts. The smaller one is for pruning and sensitive areas like the ear, eyes, nose, or paw.

Curved shears are perfect for trimming the belly, legs, hip, or face. Thinning scissors make the cut look more natural and blended. So you got everything you need.

In addition to these dog grooming scissors, the kit also includes a special grooming comb for your pet’s hair. Half-sparse and half-dense comb are designed to help you achieve more professional results.

The rounded tips are safe to be used on your dog’s body. With padded handles and finger rest, your fingers remain comfortable and do not pinch.

Overall, the scissors are designed to give maximum care, protection, and comfort to your dog.

ALFHEIM Professional Pet Hair Grooming Scissors Thinning Shear & Straight-Edge Shear

This one is another kit of all types of scissors that you would require for a grooming session.

Placed in a luxury black leather case, each scissor has a fixed position, and you can pick the one you need very conveniently while working.

The ergonomically designed dog grooming scissors are easy to use and give less hand fatigue.

All scissors are made of high-quality Japanese stainless steel. The kit includes straight scissors (straight blades), thinning scissors, two curved scissors, and a grooming comb for making your job easy.

With this professional kit, you can easily become your pet’s professional groomer and save money.

No doubt, good tools like these make the grooming session fun for you and your furry baby.

Choosing between Clipper and Scissors

For grooming a pet dog, you might need both of them instead of choosing one.

Both have their particular needs, and if you have decided to groom your pet yourself, then you need to have both for giving a perfect professional look to your dog.

Clippers are great for giving an even cut and trimming all the hairs. They are speedy and perform the task in little time.

They are also great for big furry dogs. But they produce noise and vibration that may upset your dog and makes grooming difficult for you at times. However, they are useful by all means.

Scissors are essential if your pet has a haircut. You need to trim it with the right dog grooming scissors for maintaining the look and length.

Scissors are also great for areas that are difficult to trim with clippers like the face, around eyes, or the small corners in armpits or right behind the ear.

Different Types of Scissors

Different types of scissors are available in the market, and for a professional touch, you need to know which one to use for what purpose.

Straight Scissors

Straight scissors are the main dog grooming scissors you will be using. They are available in different sizes, and you can choose one according to the size of your pet and type of fur.

Micro-serration Scissors

Micro-serration scissors have a fine groove machined into your scissor. They are perfect for cutting edges and help you grip the hair while cutting. They also reduce blade fatigue when cutting edges through constant use.

Thinning Scissors

These are special scissors for thinning the fur of your pet. They are used for dogs with heavy coats and reduce their density.

Unlike straight scissors, edges are not well defined and therefore perfect for blending different heights of the dog’s coat.

Thinning scissors come in three versions from fine, medium to coarse. There are also double or single-serrated thinning scissors.

  • Double Serrated thinning scissors: They have teeth on both blades and take out less hair. They are great for a more natural look.
  • Single-serrated Scissors: They have teeth on one blade, and the other blade is plain. The plain blade is used for lifting the hair while the other one cuts the hair.

Thinning scissors are great for:

  • Reducing the volume of hairs.
  • For fixing the accidental cuts in hair.
  • Trimming areas where you are not sure how much hair to leave.
  • Removing matt without cutting the hairs completely.
  • Giving a blended and natural look.

Curved Scissors

Curved blade scissors have a curved blade from the end for easily shaping the coat of your pet. These dog grooming scissors can be used by a novice and give a perfect curved shape.

Curved scissors are great for trimming around a dog’s legs, the area around of chest that blends down to the legs, or places like that and give a round and nice shape.

Bent shank dog grooming scissors

These scissors have a bend in the shank of scissors and allow it to run through the body keeping fingers out for a perfect trim.

Rounded scissors

Rounded safety tips are excellent for trimming sensitive areas like the face, around eyes, or feet for safety reasons. They are helpful especially for active dogs.

How to select your grooming shears

Selecting a good pair of scissors is the first step toward a great grooming session. Here are a few things to consider while buying scissors:

Size and Breed of your Dog

Well, the first thing to consider is to look for the right size that suits your pet’s hair. If you are not sure always check the manufacturer’s recommendation.

A rule of thumb is that small shears are good for smaller dog breeds while big ones should be used for your large dogs.

The type of dog grooming scissors

As we have just mentioned different types of dog grooming scissors are used, and while choosing the one, you should consider how you are going to use it and what type suits your objectives the best.


Buying cheap would not save your money as after a few sessions you will have to buy a new one so consider how regularly you want to groom your pet.

For extensive uses, make sure you buy the right size and blades for durability. Buying a quality pair would also make your job easier even if it costs more.

Blade material

Different materials are available like

  • Carbon steel: They would require routine care but provide good quality and are reasonably priced. They can develop rust if left in a damp or humid place.
  • Stainless steel scissors: They are the most popular ones and are used for regular trimming.
  • High-cobalt stainless steel: These are premium quality scissors and have hardened stainless steel blades for fine edges. They give smooth handling and put less strain on the hand. They are also expensive.

Comfortable and lightweight

While choosing dog grooming scissors, consider your own comfort level too. It should not be too heavy to give you fatigue and should give a comfortable grip.

Especially for big dogs the grooming sessions and perfect hairstyling can take time. An uncomfortable tool will make your work tiring and difficult.

How to trim your dog’s hair or give him a haircut

Finally, after choosing the right tool, it’s time to give your dog a haircut or simply trim the existing one.

Comb Out the Hairs

Brush your dog’s fur and remove tangles, knots, or matt.

Brushing before bathing is important or if your dog has messy hairs, the knots will become worse after bathing.

Give Him a Bath

Although not necessary but after bath hairs will be more soft and manageable. Shampoo the hair and apply a conditioner. You can work easily on damp hairs.

Decide the length you want

If you want long hair, make an estimate of how much you want to trim. Brush the damp hair and part them from the sides. You can use your fingers as a guide for an even cut.

Even if your dog has a long haircut, make sure to nicely trim the areas that are prone to the matting like belly or tail. Otherwise, the length is a matter of choice.

Leave some hairs on the head

Even if you want short hair on your furry baby, you can leave some length on the head or sides for styling and using hair accessories.

Doggies look cute with bows and ponies. You can leave some bangs on the head. Keep in mind you will have to keep maintaining those hairs, and they would require routine brushing.

Work slowly and carefully

Work your way on your pet’s body slowly and carefully. The last thing you want is to make your pet anxious by pulling hair or being too fast.

Sensitive areas

Be extra careful for sensitive areas like eyes, forehead, tail, ear, or feet. Make sure you use safety scissors for those areas and pay attention.

Use thinning shears for fixing errors

You can make use of thinning shears for making up for a little extra cut here and there. It will also give the dog’s coat a more natural look.

Taking care of Scissors before and after use

Taking proper care of your scissors will keep them in good working condition for a longer period.

  • Clean the dog grooming scissors after a grooming session. Make sure no hairs are left on it.
  • Wipe them off completely and dry them afterward.
  • Invest in a high-quality lube for preserving the quality of your shears. A gentle solvent and silicone can be a good option. A good lube perfectly removes the moisture out of shears and keep it safe from rusting.
  • After applying the lubricant, gently open and close the scissors for thirty seconds.
  • Store it in a cool and dry place.

Some tips for trimming your dog’s hair with scissors

Following tips can help:

Make sure your pet is comfortable during the grooming session. The less anxious dog will make your job easy and reduce the possibility of accidental cuts.

Refrain from pulling your pet’s skin or going too fast. It will make him uncomfortable and anxious.

Use good quality scissors with well-conditioned blades.

Discard the blades if you see any sign of rust.

Sharp the blades before the grooming session, dull blades will make your dog uncomfortable causing pain.

Set up your essentials on the table right beside you before you start the trimming for easily picking up your desired dog grooming scissors.

Make the grooming session fun for you and your pet.

Reward your pet for good behavior and give him a treat before, after, and during grooming sessions for creating a positive association.

Refrain from giving an embarrassing cut to your pet.

Grooming your pet at home may seem intimidating at first, but with practice and patience, you can become self-sufficient. It is time taking, but the results are too tempting to resist.

Plus, you won’t have to pay for professional help. Take it as quality time with your furry friend and have fun together.

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