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Best Dog Clippers For Labradoodles [2021]


As a beauty lover, you like to try keeping your surroundings beautiful. Also, it’s the same when it comes to your Labradoodles that you like grooming them with trimming activities. So, you can boost your dog’s beauty while getting them some different hairstyles and some other ways.

If you’re an owner of Labradoodles then you know it’s one of the medium-sized fur dog breeds. Since they have strong and thick furs, they should take special clippers to groom their hair. So, while using the average clippers, they can’t cut their fur nicely and these types of clippers are just a waste of money.

Before buying the ideal clippers, you’ll have to consider some specific factors. For example, you should get the blades with a higher number for the better cutting option. In the same way, you also must consider getting a better motor, long-lasting batteries, and durable body.

As a result, we’re with this post that will help you choose the best dog clippers for Labradoodles. With the reviews, you’ll also get some other necessary information. These include how to trim their face, eyes, tail, and lets along with some important frequently asked questions.

Top 5 Best Dog Clippers For Labradoodles

1. Andis ProClip AGC2 Two-Speed Clipper

This is the go-to product with cord when you look for the best clippers for your Labradoodles. Indeed, this is the clippers that many other professional users use for their thick coated dogs. Andis ProClip is very much special for its lower Strokes Per Minutes (SPM) that’s 2700.

But, it comes with strong cutting power and torque so it can cut any types of coats. Also, you’ll find it cool as it doesn’t make a lot of frictions. Moreover, its adjustable function with two different speeds is very handy for trimming off the thicker coats.

Besides, the Andis ProClip makes comparatively lower noise that provides a quieter working environment. As a result, it’s a life-saving option if you have the Labradoodles that are noise-sensitive. Although the clipper has been built solid, there are no fancy grips and LEDs.

However, it’s one of the best buys for your money with considered all features. Also, it’s a clipper of the professional grade so you should pay a little more attention. But, you’ll never look for another product if you try it one time.


  • Lower SPM
  • powerful Torque
  • Quieter than most clippers
  • Made like a rock


  • A bit of heavier

2. Oster A6 Cool Comfort Heavy Duty

A6 Cool Comfort Heavy Duty is the second pick and coming from the production line of Oster. This one is the predecessor of A5 that was also another popular dog clipper. Along with some other added features, it comes with a comfortable and nice looking grip, overall weight, and lower noise.

The thing that will really amaze you is that the three-speed option. That means it enables you to change the SPM for thicker coats for cutting without creating it very hot. When it comes to the alteration of the SPM they’re low, medium, and high respectively 3,100, 3,600, and 4,400.

Also, A6 is extremely lightweight and simple to manage. You’ll find the difference when you’ll continue grooming for hours or day long. But, it makes slightly noisy than the first one of the list so we put it in the second position. Also, it somehow becomes hotter, but you’ll find it speedy when you’ll work with it.

As A6 has been made with less weight and more comfort, the extra sound or heat are not big issues. This is because this dog clipper has secured its second place being close to the number one.


  • Three-speed function
  • Strong cutting power
  • Quieter and cooler
  • Comfortable grip


  • A little bit of noisy

3. Wahl Professional Animal SS Pro Pet & Dog Clipper Kit

This is a single-speed professional clipper that comes with quiet, fast, and powerful clipping with POWERDRIVE Performance. Also, it’ll provide you professional results as it has been designed for comfort, ease, and durability.

This might lead you massive mistakes. Although the combs of Wahl have been loaded of spring, they will never lose in an accident. Another mistake is that usually, people report that happens due to the low-quality materials like plastic. It’s because if the materials are lower in quality, they’re inexpensive as well.

As a result, it’ll break and crack with a simple effort that you’ll find soon if choose them. Especially it’ll happen when you’ll try to cut a thicker coat of Labradoodles. That’s why the product of Wahl has made with strong stainless steel with a comparatively decent cost.

So, if you choose Wahl’s Professional Animal Stainless Steel Combs they last years even for you forever. In this case, some users have made reviews that they’re using more than 6 years and still remaining in good condition.


  • Cool and comfortable
  • Long-lasting blades
  • Lightweight, just 15.5 oz
  • Cordless design


  • Lack of long-lasting batteries

4. Persuper Rechargeable Professional Dog Clippers

When technology gets changed with the passages of time, the old technology becomes hopeless. For these reasons, so many old products become out of date. In the same way, the arrival of this electric clippers has been made your job of Labradoodles trimming becomes easier.

This clipper takes just a nanosecond to make a clear cut of thick fur of your dogs. So, this is a great way to make your beloved Labradoodles beautiful by trimming. Also, the device is very suitable for your cats’ shaving. Even you’ll not feel any issue if the electricity goes while you’re working.

As it comes with two operating options like electricity and battery, you have nothing to worry about. You’ll an extensive back of up to six hours with its 2000 mAH lithium battery. Also, it’s motor speed is also higher than many other clippers that can rotate up to 9000/minute.

When it comes to the blades, there are two blades and one of them has 33 teeth. Another blade has 27 teeth that they can cut up to 40,000 hairs using its powerful motor speed. For these advantages and usability, this clipper has made its position in the top list.


  • Faster and powerful than
  • Two-speed motor
  • Reliable and Quiet
  • Great for heavy duty clipping,


  • Not cordless

5. BestTrendy Professional Dog Clippers

This is the last one in the list that doesn’t mean that it’s a snag item. Instead, this dog clipper is one of the best and high-quality clippers for trimming dog’s hair. When you’ll know about their features, advantages, and specifications, you’ll realize that it’s really a thing to work with.

As the product is not noisy, you’ll find your dogs are not getting annoyed. Also, the device doesn’t produce a lot of vibration and keep it cool while using. As a result, this clipper is much more dog-friendly than many other clippers. The manufacturer has made it cordless so you’re free of the issue of cord to move everywhere.

Moreover, this clipper operates by battery as it comes with rechargeable lithium battery inside. You’ll get a complete set of trimming kits with the pack. As a result, you don’t need to buy an additional razor, comb, blades, and scissors. With sharp blades of the clipper, you can trim your Labradoodles within a moment.

Considering these advantages, we suggest you buy this device and it’ll be a smart move for you. Moreover, the full set of grooming items has made it more attractive and workable. Besides, it’s not just durable and strong, it also a long-lasting product that runs years.


  • Heavy duty clippers
  • Durable & dog-friendly
  • Quiet & reliable
  • Available at different speeds


  • Seems old-fashioned

How To Trim Labradoodles

As you know Labradoodles come with coats that need routine grooming and brushing. If you do these simple things, they’ll ensure you coats free of your house and your mats with a wonderful look of your dogs.

Hopefully, the below topics will help you keeping your Labradoodles in nice shape. Well, let’s know some tips about the ways to trim your Labradoodles.


This is a very crucial thing that you should keep your Labradoodles always see well without hanging hair on their eyes. In this case, you can use scissors with a blunt tip and trim its hair over the nose and eyes.

As a result, the vision of your Labradoodles will not get hampered. Also, trim hair that hangs on the eyes and across the brow diagonally to the face. If you find your dog’s eye gets gunk then use eye wiping item for some days.


You’ll find your Labradoodles’ ear hair larger and into its ear canal if not taken care properly. Also, unexpected hair can be the issues of dirt and wax that need to settle. These can make potential buggies and ear infections.

You’ll have to trim extra hair from the ears with very careful effort using a pair of trimmer and scissors that are suggested for Labradoodles hair cutting. But, if you find any severe issue in their ears, you should take them to the expert groomer.


Labradoodles’ faces are likely to be the most troublesome parts of the grooming parts. You’ll have to trim the hair very carefully and avoid cutting their eyelashes.


We suggest you use the longer blade for the coat while trimming the legs. So, you should use a blade of a minimum one-half inch that will help to coat your dog nicely. But, don’t forget to give an evenly consistent length finished for their legs.


You just need to round off to the lower toe-line from feet-to-pads. After that pull straightly all hair and cut them one inch. Although it may make them a look of the natural boot type, some people don’t like to shave feet. But, trim their foot’s bottom between pads in winter when they accumulate snow there.


When it comes to the nails, you have to trim them once for every month. In this case, you have to get a clipper that has been specifically designed for animals.

So, you can use either a guillotine-style clipper or a scissor and you should buy a power bottle of blood-clotting. It names styptic power where are some cotton swabs to use in emergencies.


You should clip the hair of this area longer up to three inches that will provide it a nice look with a feather. But, avoid hanging the tail too long as it makes some issues.

The tail is the area of Labradoodles we often see and the hair of this part grows faster. So, keep it as per the suggestion to keep a smart look.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. When should I start grooming my Labradoodle puppy?

You should help your puppies to learn the grooming procedures and touch them gently all over their entire bodies. When you find they’re comfortable to handle, you should start combing and brushing.

And then you should start introducing the professional grooming when they’re at the age of 10 to 12 weeks.

2. Should Labradoodles be clipped?

Yes, you should clip your Labradoodles despite the issue of the coat. When they’re at the age of 8 to 12 months, they should be clipped. Also, they need to do it several times per week, but they don’t need making bath frequently.

3. What kind of coat does a Labradoodle have?

Usually, you’ll find 3 types of coat in Labradoodles. Also, there is a chance to have characteristics coat of puppies as they’re hybrid or cross-breed dogs.


We’re at the end of the review of the best dog clippers for Labradoodles. It entirely depends on you how many benefits you can avail from this review. For each product, we have provided a clear review for your consideration.

Now, you have read the complete review with user’s guide and FAQs. So, you’re able to buy the best clippers to take the proper care of your beloved Labradoodles.

If you’re still in a confusion then we suggest taking a closer look at the specifications and features of each clipper. Then you’ll find your answer accordingly.

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