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5 Best Dog Treadmill Options for Exercise [2022]

dog treadmill

Dogs love to play, run, and exercise. But what if they can’t get outside? That’s where dog treadmill comes in! Treadmills are an excellent way for your pup to stay active indoors when the weather is bad, or you’re not able to take them on a walk. The treadmills will help them burn off their calories, enhance mental and physical health, and keep them happy all day long.

You can also get one specially designed for dogs and allow them some room, or you could just put it outside if they are comfortable enough. Sounds like something you’ll be needing for your dog? This article is for you if you are looking to get your pet in shape.

We’ve examined different dog treadmill options and narrowed them down to the best options. These dog treadmills are backed by veterinary advice. You’ll find detailed reviews on each below, as well as the pros and cons. Here are the quick links to the product if you know what you need.

Keep reading the absolute piece of writing and know everything about the dog treadmills.

  1. DogPacer 3.1 – Dog Pacer Treadmill
  2. PETSITE Dog Treadmill 
  3. SRFDD Dog Treadmill
  4. SHELANDY Pet Treadmill
  5. DogPACER Minipacer Treadmill

Behavioral Problems in Dogs

There are multiple ways to explain Behavioral problems in dogs. These are behaviors that are perceived as annoying by the owners. They can cause danger for people, other animals, or even themselves if not dealt with quickly and correctly!

Behavioral issues often arise from medical conditions but sometimes appear without any explanation. Some of the very common behavioral problems found in dogs are listed below.

Separation Anxiety

Dogs suffering from separation anxiety tend to be overly attached or dependent on their family members. They become extremely anxious and exhibit distress behaviors such as barking and vocalizing, destroying property, house soiling when separated from their owners. This can be quite distressing. In extreme cases, you may need a drug like trazodone for dogs.

Fear and Phobias

Fears are normal and can affect any dog. It happens when dogs react healthily to something they see as dangerous or scary. However, phobias exaggerated fear responses that overwhelm dogs. Dogs indicate phobias with flattened ears, lip licking, tucking tails in their hind legs, avoiding eye contact, and more.


Dogs can be aggressive for multiple reasons, including guarding territory or a family member’s safety. It may also stem from fear and frustration. The dog is pushed too far before snapping out of it in an instant where there was once calmness.

Dogs become violent when their emotions get hurt by another person or animal because they feel threatened on some level, leading them to react aggressively towards others.


Some dogs are just never quite enough. These hyperactive canines have difficulty focusing on one thing for an extended period. Sometimes, this leads them into trouble with local authorities or other animals who need their attention diverted elsewhere! They may also exhibit behaviors like territorial marking (stereotypies) in response to environmental stresses.


Guardian dogs often experience an increase in fearfulness and irritability as they age. The hormones regulating mood change with time, increasing anxiety when left alone or around new pets. It can also make them less patient towards humans (sometimes accompanied by aggression). They might be fearful of unfamiliar animals too-. This would typically only show up if there’s been repeated exposure over many years!

Some common concerns reported by guardians include sensitivity/irritation from touched objects like furniture surfaces.

dog on a treadmill

Curb Your Pup’s Behavioral Problems

We love our dogs despite their destructive behavioral problems. These little pooches demand love and attention and may behave aggressively when neglected.

Some of the successful strategies to curb the behavioral problems in dogs are listed down;

Training is Crucial

Training your dog to sit, come or lie down may seem unrelated, but it is. Positive reward-based training will teach you and strengthen the bond while providing mental stimulation that can tire him out, making future misbehaviors less likely! Try introducing a new command each week by practicing old ones between sessions with the current one. This way, there’ll always be something rewarding waiting for when they do listen!.

Adequate Exercise

When you’re gone 12 hours a day, your dog needs more than just an occasional quick walk. Give them the royal treatment and take their minds off chewies by getting them some runs in!

The best way to keep your canine friend healthy and happy is by giving them enough exercise. When your dog returns home from a walk, its energy level may be low. Once the dog has rested, give him more playtime. Your dog can explore the environment or run around outside in a safe place away from cars and heavy traffic.

Tip: A dog treadmill is also the best way to maintain a dog’s health while keeping him busy.

Puppy-proof The House

It is necessary to puppy-proof the house from putting away your toys and shoes to keeping the home clean from unwanted stuff. Supervising your dog along with training can prevent destructive behavioral problems.

5 Best Dog Treadmills

Choosing the best treadmill that meets your pup’s needs isn’t easy. Therefore, we have listed the top-notch treadmills for dogs suitable for small and large breeds.

Note: Make sure you take veterinary advice before getting treadmills for dogs

1. DogPacer 3.1 – Dog Pacer Treadmill

dogpacer 91641 lf 3 1 full size dog pacer treadmill black and redThe dogPACER LF 3.1 is the perfect solution for large breed dogs that need a lot of space to run and play, like German Shepherds or Great Danes! This treadmill has an expansive running surface with a weight capacity, so the pups can enjoy themselves without being limited by its size. It also features adjustable speed settings that make it easy for dogs with different activity levels.

Speed: The speed range starts at 0.5 miles per hour, increasing in increments of 0.1 mph up until 7-and-a-half MPH when they hit their limit! There are four different settings with levels ranging from 1 degree all the way up 9 degrees for an incline that will work well.

Capacity: The treadmill stands at about 46 inches high, 77 inches long, and 27 inches long, thus providing enough capacity for large dog breeds. It can support up to 179lbs of weight.

Foldable: When it’s not in use, you fold away this product neatly into itself, which makes storage easy-peasy!

Sleek Design: With a sleek design that is functional and practical, the dogPacer treadmill is the ideal way to maintain your pet’s happiness and health.

What Makes It Different?

Buyers feel that dogPacer treadmills help keep the furry friend entertained and exercised, even when the weather’s not cooperating. This high-quality treadmill features durable construction, low voltage operation, and adjustable speed and incline. These lightweight and portable treadmills are designed for beginner to intermediate users, with a range of pre-programmed workouts that keep your dog challenged and engaged. Plus, they’re easy to fold up and store when you’re done!


  • High-speed and agile
  • Large running area
  • Many incline settings (up to 9 degrees)
  • Available at affordable prices
  • Featured for indoor exercise


  • Heavier than the other treadmills

Dog Pacer treadmill is the first choice for every dog owner looking for a large dog treadmill. With its exceptional features, the treadmill is helpful to maintain the body weight and physic of the dog.

2. PETSITE Dog Treadmill

petsite dog treadmill pet dog running machine for small medium sized dogs pet fitness treadmill with 1 4 lcd display screen 200 lbs capacityPetSite Dog Treadmill is a professional and easy-to-use dog treadmill that can help your pet lose weight and stay fit. The treadmill allows your pet to exercise naturally while keeping them safe on their own private running track. The Pet Site Dog Treadmill has a built-in cooling fan and an LCD display. It allows you to monitor your dog’s exercise, speed, distance, calories burned, time running, etc. Plus, the quiet motor makes no disturbance.

Professional Pet Dog Treadmill: This treadmill is specially designed for pet dogs. It’s a good choice to keep your pets fit and healthy.

Safety Protection: The treadmill has a safety protection system that automatically stops when the dog jumps off or falls down on it.

Remote Control & LCD Display: With the remote control, you can adjust the treadmill’s speed. The LCD display clearly shows time, distance, calories burned, and other parameters.

Durable Construction: The treadmill is made of high-quality ABS and iron pip, which makes it sturdy enough for heavy-duty use. It can support up to 200lbs of weight.

Easy To Assemble: It requires less than 20 minutes to assemble the treadmill according to the instructions in the manual included in the package. All parts are labeled clearly in English so that you won’t have any problems.

What Makes It Different?

Buyers found PETSITE dog treadmills perfect for living in excess temperatures or when you need to drain your pet’s energy. With speed options and remote control, your pet can walk on the treadmill at its own pace. With its lightweight and small profile, it’s easy to move around, while the setup is too good.


  • Sleek and lightweight structure
  • Support weight up to 200lbs
  • LCD screen and remote control for feasibility
  • Double safety mechanism to protect dogs


  • Unfoldable
  • Manual incline adjustment settings

PETSITE is a perfect gift for small to medium-sized dogs, which also assists in resolving behavioral issues of hyperactive dogs. It is recommended to use this for dog treadmill training once a week.

3. SRFDD Dog Treadmill

dog treadmill fitness pet dog running machine for small medium large dogs self propelled indoor exercise multiple choiceThe SRFDD dog treadmill is ideal for training and exercising your dog. This sturdy treadmill can hold up to 200 pounds, making it perfect for even the biggest dogs. Plus, its low profile means your pet can walk or run comfortably. Your dog will stay fit and healthy with regular use while avoiding problems like obesity, poor endurance, and slow response.

Healthy Dog: Our dog treadmill helps keep your dog healthy and fit. It’s designed to help you train and exercise your pet to keep them fit and away from issues like obesity, poor endurance, and slow response.

Safety Fence: The side of the treadmill is equipped with handrails for you to encourage your dog and make sure they don’t wander off track. Tie their leash to the front of the crossbar, which will help exercise better while walking on this type of device!

Multiple Modes: It is a high-tech toplight for your dog. It has multiple modes you can adjust, depending on what suits the pet best. Speedometer, time/distance display with calories burned button, and stealth driving system so it won’t alarm them!

Easy To Install: The treadmill features built-in wheels for easy movement, making installation easy.

What Makes It Different?

Delighted customers found this dog treadmill not only affordable but suitable for all small, medium, large breed dogs with emergency stop features. It helps in overcoming winter blues and makes dogs more healthy and happy.


  • Safety fences attached
  • Support 200lbs weight
  • Easy to install
  • Say goodbye to winter blues


  • No attractive colors are available
  • Expensive

The dog treadmill gives dogs a thrilling and exciting experience and offers a healthier lifestyle.

4. SHELANDY Pet Treadmill

shelandy pet treadmill smart and motorized treadmill for small medium dogsThe SHELANDY pet treadmill is an excellent solution for the owner who wants to try out a treadmill but doesn’t want to commit space or money. The SHELANDY Pet Treadmill allows your small dog to walk easily without compromising their health.

Speed and Incline: It has a minimum speed of 0.5 miles per hour and a maximum of 7.5 mph. Up to a 9-degree adjustable incline that can be manually changed or set in automatic mode depending on your preference!

Weight: This treadmill weighs about 76 pounds, which makes it in the mid-range compared with other treadmills on our list.

Screen: The display screen shows the speed, distance, and time that your dog has gone in addition to calories burned.

Attached Harness: Tie your dog with the harness for safe exercising.

Auto Shutdown: To ensure the safety of the dog and the treadmill’s motor, the machine goes into automatic shutdown after 30 minutes.

What Makes It Different?

The SRFDD treadmill makes it easy to keep your furry friend healthy. This top-quality treadmill has a spacious walking surface and whisper-quiet motor. It is designed for small and large breed dogs. Whether your dog needs to get more exercise or you’re just looking for an easy way to walk them when the weather isn’t good, the SRFDD treadmill is the perfect solution.


  • Attached safety harness
  • The price that won’t cost you an arm and a leg
  • Automatically turn off after 30 minutes of constant use
  • Safety fence


  • Suitable for dogs with a minimum 25 inches length

Nothing makes exercising more suitable than a dog treadmill. The SRFDD treadmill makes a difference by beating competitors at price and functionality and helps dogs lose weight.

5. DogPACER Minipacer Treadmill

dogpacer minipacer treadmillKeep your pet moving with this beautiful, sleek, premium-quality dog treadmill. Made from durable carbon steel, it’s strong enough for your pup not to hurt himself when running. The portable size makes moving around easy as pie; set up the machine with all of its parts, take it down wherever you don’t need it.

Speed and Incline: Adjustable speed of .5MPH up to 7.5 MPH and has 4 levels of incline, with each level being available in increments as low as 0.1 mph – perfect if you need that extra push.

Computer Fitness Programs: It includes multiple pre-set exercise programs customized just for your four-legged friend.

Size and Weight: The treadmill’s size allows for runners who weigh up to 55 pounds. With a 38″ x 16″ running area, this treadmill will bring the dog smoothly closer to the fitness goals!

What Makes It Different?

As per the buyer, the pup was delighted to see his treadmill and found the new way of exercising appealing. The safety measures offered by the treadmill didn’t scare the dog; instead encouraged him to exercise routinely.


  • Attractive color
  • Adjustable speed range
  • Lightweight
  • Build-in computer with multiple fitness programs
  • Quiet motor


  • Suitable only for small breeds

DogPACER Minipacer treadmill is a perfect go for dog treadmill training. It comes with pre-installed courses that provide step-by-step guidance for the dog.

dog walking on a treadmill


Can Dogs Use Human Treadmills?

A simple answer to this question is YES. However, there are a few things that need care and caution.

As human treadmills are designed with humans in mind, it can be tough for dogs to use them. The wide belts and end caps can injure a dog’s foot more likely if used without supervision or care in the beginning stages of training. Moreover, human-sized machines are much wider than a canine treadmill. The side enclosures of the treadmill help keep your pup moving forward without panicking.

Besides, the human treadmills cannot handle the dust, dog hair, urine, or saliva and might seize the sensors. Therefore to have peace of mind, get a dog treadmill, where your dog can work out without injuries.

Are Treadmills Good For Dogs?

Treadmills can be an ideal way to keep your pup burning calories and staying fit during bad weather or other constraints. They are also good for overweight dogs, active breeds, or those with high energy requirements who need an outlet when it’s too cold out or hot as hell! It gives the highly energetic dogs a break from running around all day long on walks and gives a rewarding exercising experience plus it improves their joints and muscles.

What Is The Best Treadmill For Dogs?

If you’re seeking the perfect way to exercise your pup, then a treadmill is an excellent choice. There are many options; you will want to make sure it’s the appropriate size and fast enough depending on their breed. For novices who might be worried about the injury – get one with blinders or privileged edge, so they don’t step off onto anything dangerous! Also, keep in mind that human-designed treadmills typically go slower than canine ones (which helps reduce risk).

To assist you pick the best treadmill for your pal, we have jotted the top 5 dog treadmills (mentioned above).

Tip: To ensure your dog’s safety, it is recommended to consult a veterinarian before getting a treadmill for your puppy.

How Long Should A Dog Be On A Treadmill?

Treadmills are great for exercising dogs of all sorts! They offer year-round exercise, no matter how bad the weather is. Nevertheless, you need to know your pup’s maximum allowed duration on a treadmill so that they don’t strain themselves in any way. The short answer for how long a dog should be on a treadmill is 20 – 30 minutes, but this could vary depending upon the age and weight of the dog.

P.S. Seniors can suffice by 10 to 15 min.

How To Introduce A Dog To A Treadmill?

If your puppy can walk at high walking speed with confidence doesn’t mean he can use the treadmill too! He needs to be introduced to a treadmill for which he will need your constant efforts and help.

For those who cannot go for walks or give dog treadmill training, it is recommended to hire a dog walker.

It is necessary to help your dogs use the treadmill, get acquainted, and develop a bond with it.

While looking for trainers, go for people who have experience working in this area, or one of its experts if possible! You should also ensure that they’re aware of any concerns before allowing access; supervision is key when it comes down to having pets around active equipment like treadmills.

dog exercising in a treadmill

How Do I Mentally Stimulate My Dog?

When you are ready to get your dog walking, moving, and staying motivated, put the treats in front of them, so they know what’s coming. Start at a low speed for now- just enough that it is comfortable but not too fast or slow! Increase slowly until their walk has finished, then slow down gradually, preventing accidents along the way.

Ready To Get A Dog Treadmill

It’s time to make your pup’s fitness goals a reality.

If you’re seeking a quick and easy way to help your pup get in shape or have some fun while being safe indoors, the DIY dog treadmill may be the perfect solution.

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    The first time I saw a dog on a treadmill I burst out into laughter. It was so funny :)) I understand that it’s a good way to help them stay in shape and lose some pounds but it’s funny nonetheless. Anyway, I now have 2 dogs that need constant walks and sometimes I have no energy left to go out. That’s why my treadmill saves the day. All I need to do is to put my hand on it and they know what’s next. I highly recommend the DogPacer 3.1 treadmill which is the one I have. They love it!

  2. Trinity

    I got the Petsite treadmill and while my dog didn’t really like it at first, he now wants to get on it a few times weekly. We make time for regular walks every few days but on occasion he will come over and ask me to turn the treadmill on so he can exercise 😉

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